Thank you for the Banwave Blizzard!

Sounds like a salty botter has to buy another sub after getting banned.


“Blizzard should ban all the botters”

“I’m angry you banned a bunch of botters”

These boards are an endless source of entertainment :joy:


Theres literally a blue post of the dev saying they do bans in “WAVES”…


They banned all the bots to get their $$ from new boosts. The 58 boosts could be a good thing, it incentivizes them to ban the bots so they buy a boost then reban. A new cash flow.


True enough. Maybe they actually did do a wave… when I was running around on my druid yesterday I noticed an ungodly amount of Thorium was actually spawned with no one in sight to mine it. Almost got on my miner but I am done with that for now.

That said… last night in a couple zones they amount of what would have been “auto hunter” users in Dark Age of Camelot made questing pretty much impossible.

While some bans do happen continuously, bans targeting bots tend to happen more in waves.

Blizzard first needs to identify what the bot is, how it’s working, and how to properly detect it with the smallest possible false positive rate.

Then they gather data on who is using it, and ban them all simultaneously.

Then the bot makers figure out how the bot was detected, adjust it to bypass that detection method, and the process starts over.

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yeah this wave seems perfectly timed as if they knew who the bots and cheaters were all along and are choosing to ban them now to sell more subs and boosts to look good for their quarterly review. this company is so blatantly corrupt and irredeemable at this point, if tbc wasnt reputed to be as good as it was id be done with blizzard forever. i quit call of cash grab ages ago, the brief amount of time i was on shadowlands nearly made me quit wow forever. if tbc wasnt happening id wash my hands with blizzard.

You probably believed the story about the pedo ring in the back of the pizzeria amirite?

Not sure about botters but I and many others were banned yesterday for nothing. This was a huge blow to me and many others and I personally was full meltdown and panic. I have never botted or cheated. I literally just hit 60 on my BE paladin after being super sweaty for the week. I put my ticket in and magically 2 hours and 4 minutes they randomly unbanned me. Hopefully others that had this issue had the same result. I was able to do naxx last night and got a few ups so I am very happy. However I forgot to grab echoes of war like a pleb due to my time and full panic of the situation so I have 2 useless pieces of tier now unfortunately. Oh well still happy my issue was resolved… thx blizz

Last time I reported a bot , I got an in game mail back from blizz saying thank you for the report and that it was indeed a bot. It took about 2 days , so it was pretty fast.

They mostly banned people using accessibility software.

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They’ve had multiple banwaves in the last year, even months.

You clearly just like to complain and cry for no reason.

Blizzards a fool, but to say they did nothing is flat out lying for your sad point.

You make a good argument.

Yeah, sure there is :woman_shrugging:

Imagine not knowing bans have happened all along with several large waves and being so salty that you can’t even be happy that they are taking action, yet again.

Here you go:

There is, and now it’s linked. Would you like to move on to your next point?

Thanks for the link Littlerascal. :slight_smile:

This isn’t exactly confirmation against what I stated.

but rather support.

I think the point is highlighted quite well, and supported by the linked blue post.