Thank you for STV change

Thank you,

You made STV event fun again.

That is all.

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The event has been much more enjoyable, but it is still really rough on warlock. Can’t even mount with debuff.

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What was the change?

Edit: Oh wow they actually blue posted these ones Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

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warlocks continue to get absolutely shafted in ph2.

No good runes. No instant cast nukes, we still have to actually cast our abilities and they require alot of setup.

no QOL on the event. We have to pre-farm 30 soulshards to re-summon pet everytime we die. and now we cant even do that while we have the debuff. We have to wait untill the debuff runs out so everyone wants to kill us while we summon and drink. God forbid you are a metamorph warlock… 2k mana just to get ready for a fight.