THANK YOU for Sanctify on Hyrja - Feedback

PLEASE more of these visual improvements. I would like to use this thread to capture all other areas for improvement that people are struggling with.

I love so much about WoW’s combat system, but the fact that poor and ambiguous graphics is a mechanic in so many areas has always been quite appalling from a company with so much experience. The game has enough other mechanics to challenge us on it’s own in regards to execution, planning, strategy, and effort - ambiguity in graphics, especially when those vary a lot based on factors that are out of our control, that literally just kill you don’t add much of value unless you’re the type that enjoys russian roullette.

The CoS last boss change was also needed, so thank you for that.

One item I’d like to start this list with is:

  • The trail of shadow from the adds on the last boss in Shadowmoon.

This has happened multiple times to multiple players who think they’re clear of the smoke visually, but still get tagged with the dot that essentially just kills you without an immunity. That part of the fight can be sketchy as it is with the frontal cone often landing through that lane - we really don’t need ambiguity added in that situation when we’re already in an incredibly tight situation where we’re trying to manage clearing those 2 things and planning for the next rune drop in a manner of 2 seconds.

I like challenge - but the ambiguity that poor graphics brings to the game has just never been something I enjoy, value, or think brings anything positive to the game when there’s already good variation and challenge with all the other elements combined in its design.

  • Shadowmoon; The trail of shadow from the adds on the last boss.
  • HoV; Piercing Shot
    -CoS; Jazshariu Shockwave - larger than appears visually.
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There should be tuning for HoV tbh.

Which graphic still needs to be tuned?

Idk about graphics, but Piercing Shot in particular could be tuned down a little IMO.

Alternatively make a visible line for it.


Oh God please yes.

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I mean not for that fight alone, there some issue running mythic HoV other than the orb. Like example Hyrja’s lighting damage on tyrannical for 15+. It hits ridiculous hard gven with defensive cds. its very stressful for some healers to heal that. But what really bothers me the most in mythic HoV is RP from last two bosses. You are on a tight timer and RP just eats away your timer and you can’t afford to wipe.

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Oh that’s numbers tuning.

Somehow it wasn’t an issue during Legion

Maybe also remove 150k random bites from wolves at fenrir while we’re at that

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Our eyes worked back then, that’s why.
Now we’re all old foggers, so this is needed.

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The timer takes the RP into account. They had countless runs in beta and I’m sure they used that data to determine the dungeon’s timer. Every run had to deal with the RP at the end.

As funny as this is - there’s definitely some truth to this.

Yes, I’m sure this is why they’ve never had to adjust timers - because they did such great testing in beta…

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Also - I think the frontal from the Imp Boss’s felguard in CoS needs adjusting. It hits well beyond it’s visual for some reason.

To be fair, the ppl that test this stuff in beta care about testing the content and are generally good at it. Then live comes around and the not so good players rise up then blizz adjusts for them.

The new orb graphic for Sanctify is much better. I can tell if I’m going to get hit more easily.

Agreed. Are there any other abilities/graphics that could use a similar change?