Thank you for initial raid testing

On the Season of Mastery Beta, the Molten Core and Onyxia raids are scheduled to close at 4:00 p.m. PDT today. (about six hours from now)

Thanks to everyone who tested the raids! We’re working on some more potential tweaks to the them, and we’re planning to do some more raid testing after a future update to the Beta build.

We’ll let you know as soon as we schedule that.


Thank you for the raid tests.

Things that I suggest to change:

  1. Remove WBs from raids, including UBRS fire res buff. All WBs seemed to still be working in the raids.
  2. Remove flask of petrification so it can’t be used to cheese raid mechanics and world PVP
  3. Fix teleport for Ony so it doesn’t teleport people into trash packs
  4. Fix gear given to players.
  • Some gear was from dire maul phase of classic and too good
  • Some people were stacking unique trinkets you shouldn’t be able to stack. Not sure how this was possible
  1. Reduce consumes given out. Give people a set amount of gold to buy a set amount of consumes instead of giving people thousands of gold of consumes that they can use to negate every raid mechanic. People don’t need 5 of every type of flask.
  2. Rag may have a bit too much health. Everything else seemed fine but I saw lots of people struggling with rag and having to put up with 3+ sons phases even in near pre-raid BIS gear with tons of consumes and flasks

It was more than some people getting too good of items it was also come classes getting like nothing at all. Made a paladin template and was like where’s the healing rings? And looked at an Enhancement and was wondering why I had not one but two Blackhand’s Breadths but no chestguard for enhancement. I could go on and on but yeah that was my main issue is how you did the template items.

Make the content harder. Increasing the health pool of all the npc’s in the raid does not translate to improved playability and enjoyment.

The player count will scale with difficulty. This will attract and keep raid members that actually WANT to clear the content (currently an issue for TBC). Increased HP does not = a high octane experience, instead it just makes the raid more of a time sink.


Right it just makes it take longer. Trash mobs imho should just be left alone entirely. Already giant time waste.
The bosses encounters however can be tweaked in multiple ways.


I absolutely agree. Increasing the trash mobs health in any raid moving forward is a terrible idea and it definitely is not working in MC right now.


Raids were longer but just as easy, making it a giant time sink. Even Ragnaros we ended up two-shotting with a pug.


Don’t listen to these PvE andies

If rogues can have both dal rends and warriors get HoJ, pvpers should get petris.

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you spam petris normally ?

Yeah he was a black lotus Czar back in classic obviously.

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We killed Rag with only 1 submerge with our terrible DPS. I can imagine submerge still being skipped with better gear and comp later in the phase. Honestly, submerge might be better if it happened in percentages, because otherwise they would need to triple Ragnaros’ health for good guilds to see it.


Trash should be tuned to it dies as fast in Classic 1.0.

Raid bosses should be buffed in terms of health and damage done.


Agree. But I imagine blizzard isn’t paying attention.
It’s an example of how to make encounter difficult and more authentic without band-aid of just hp.

Thanks for giving us a bit more information that you’re going back to tweak a few things and an idea of what will possibly be coming in the update next week. Thanks to all the people who ran raids and provided the data!

Appreciate it!


Please don’t fix Rag to make easy in one pull with pre-raid bis, make people work for it. This shouldn’t and hopefully isn’t on farm day 1.

After initial testing of the raids, there really isn’t anything hard about them just tedious length of the fights, just sad that instead of getting classic 2019 fresh we get this


Please. Please just look at the mana costs of certain specs. E.G Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman. The increased HP and longer fights combined with high mana costs could drive these specs to be near unplayable. Please… Just Please.


Biggest change imho you can make to the meta of raiding is increasing the armor values of bosses, or even trash packs for that matter.

The armor reduction to a zero value is one of the biggest reasons warriors and rogues will continue to dominate the meters in classic. I dont mind this as a warrior/rogue player myself, but that’s just a nice coincidence that I enjoy melee dps in rpgs. It could be a major change in the meta and actually freshen up the raid scene.


Give priests rods on beta, they can’t enchant like wtf?

So is the latest Server restart a short restart or is this a several hour shutdown? guess I didn’t see the note…

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