Thank you Blizzard, sincerely

I just wanted to come here and sincerely thank Blizzard. With the recent news about class sets I just learned that for Survival hunters we get… X% damage boosts!

I mean, if you didn’t think we had enough of them in the spec tree (by far the most pure X% dmg talents in the game) we also get it for our class set. Absolutely amazing, because now Survival hunters will have zero motivation to even attempt to get the class set. Leaving us with much less stress, especially since you can pretty much forget to be picked in any raids/PUGs.

And as I sit here and write, it strikes me that this is even better considering that last I checked it seems that hunters class set will all have mastery as a secondary stat. As everyone should know, mastery is utter garbage for Survival so… I mean we don’t even want the class set! Even if the class set was tuned strong (it currently isn’t) it would most likely be a bigger boost to simply ignore the class set and just pick better weighted random gear pieces with haste/crit.

Here I thought they would only make bad decisions for Survival. Nice to see them make one solid choice finally. Just too bad it wont matter much, since I don’t have a guild/group full of friends that are prepared to carry my weight in any serious content. Oh well, thanks for reading my ted-talk. Survival just keeps becoming more and more DoA.


I was just wondering the same thing. They don’t wanna work on SV and make it a good melee with pet spec, or reverse it back to ranged.

SV whole rotation will be

  • ST

Mongoose, mongoose, mongoose, KC, KC, mongoose, Mongoose, KC , Mongosse , mongoose, mongoose, mongoose, mongoooooooooose, and then when your burst is done, you go bomb, KC , and again mongoose, the again bomb , then few mongoose bites, KC , then again few mongoose

  • AOE

Bombs , butchery, butchery, bombs, FOtE, , bombs, butchery

I mean this will be hell of a rotation


Did you not actually read the blog? You just scrolled down to the SV tier set bonus and started moaning?

By design, all tier sets are supposed to be minor perks.

These Class Set bonuses are not as complex as the effects on 9.2 Class Sets. The new talent trees have resulted in a lot of changes to classes in Dragonflight, and we want you all to be able to play those classes without Class Sets that significantly change your rotations or resource economies.

And the SV bonus is very similar to other classes.


Frost DK:

  • (2) Set Bonus: Obliterate and Frostscythe critical strike damage is increased by 15%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Obliterate and Frostscythe have a 15% chance not to consume Killing Machine.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Rip & Ferocious Bite damage increased by 5%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Finishing moves grant 1% crit for each combo point spent for 5 seconds.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Kill Command damage increased by 10% and it has a 10% chance to reset the cooldown on Barbed Shot.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Barbed Shot has a 50% chance to make your next Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot consume no focus.

Fire Mage:

  • (2) Set Bonus: Pyroblasts and Flamestrikes cast with Hot Streak deal 10% increased damage.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Fire Blast, Phoenix Flames, and Fireball deal 10% increased damage and their chance to critically strike is increased by 10%.

(Theres a lot more, but the point is made).

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I despise mongoose bite. Needs to be removed.

Beast Master should be 1 point
Artic Bola… you know what…

They could make the set bonus related to harpoon. Give it 2 charges and some kind of bonus damage or affect. That would be neat.

I dont care about the other specs classes tier sets? And I read that they are keeping tier sets more simple the first tier. But what they say is they dont want tier sets that alter your rotation in a major way or force you into certain talent picka… There is a multitude of tier sets they could have given survival Hunters but they decided they wanted to give us yet another pure X% damage passive!

Dont come in here high on Blizzard copium throwing around insults and assuming things. You defending the tier set and the state of survival just embarass yourself.

Do you honestly think that blizzard have succeded in the design of survival Hunter? The spec has not seen any significant changes in over a month,despite being in a bad state. It is The spec with the fewest talents (which of some is not even implemented/working yet… 2months before release!) while Also being the spec with the most X% dmg talents. It is a disgrace how high the % of survivals talents are pure garbage. There should be zero or very close to zero pure X% dmg talents, which is further proven since almost no other spec has any.

It is simply put a spec that Blizzards developer just did not have interest, competence or time (or all/any combo of) to give an honest chance of being well developed. The spec was the worst when it released and still is the worst spec by far is an insult and it deserves better than you and the developers give it.

Bottom line probably is that blizzard did the math, realised it would take a very large amount of resources to work it into a decent state and decided it was not worth it due to how bad it is, has been and how extremely few players play it. So they turned all focus on the other two specs to try and save some face.

But hey, if you feel good sniffing they Blizzard copium go ahead. I have enough nostalgia about the game and my Hunter to still hope despite recent years of evidence. But they wont get my money this xpac.

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Thinking of running pre-patch, the level up story, then cancel for a year and a half and plow through content with catch-up mechanics and gear at the end…

This is not a bad idea. Might test the pre-patch and unless the class feels much better than it does now I’ll just skip it until the last months when they have spent the last 2 years fixing what should have been working since launch.

I mean lets be honest. Its not like they take our feedback serious so… They even do changes to abilities that are not implemented/working based on player feedback (wonder what feedback that can be, since no one could test it…). Guess giving my feedback with my wallet is all I can do.

Heck no. Mongoose windows are one of the things that makes SV’s rotation noteworthy. But it is looking kinda bare in DF. I’m still lamenting the removal of Chakrams from the class tree a couple months back.

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Que? Chakrams plural? Because death chakram is still there. Or did you mean the old classic ability Chakram only?

And well yeah, i guess sv’s rotation is very dependent on mongoose bite… Since it pretty much is only mongoose bite🤦‍♂️ i’d rather they had put more than a afternoons worth of design into the spec though, who knows perhaps they could have made it make more sense and be decent then. Very clearly SV was downprioritized and put to the side. When clearly its the spec in most need of attention due to poor implementation and bad design. The laughable player numbers say it all.

The old Chakrams. A few months back, that node used to be a choice between Chakrams and Death Chakram. I was so excited to finally have a rotation with Mongoose Bite, Wildfire Infusion and Chakrams all at once, but then Chakrams got removed. :frowning_face:

It’s not a big deal, I guess. I just really liked Chakrams’ animation.

But you know that they changed the animation for death chakrams right? So now it is actually better than the old clunky (although classic) animation of chakrams and 10x better than the god awful death chakram from SL.

So, you get chakram ability that actually look like a chakram and does damage and gives a damage increase debuff on targets. Pretty neat. Too bad hunter isn’t viable outside of friend groups in DF.

See that is the thing about that tree. None of it synergizes with mongoose windows. You have abilities that incentivize you for using Kill Command, Mongoose, Bombs, etc. Using other abilities during those windows feels terrible. Then, we have so many ways of getting focus back now the mongoose windows only have a few globals max between them.

So you get out of a window, you are ready to go right back into the next one. The abilities that would normally be filler are literally a dps loss to use. Mongoose hits like a truck right now on the beta. When using a core ability like wildfire bomb is a dps loss you have a serious problem with design.

I am happy for the people out there that want a two button rotation. More power to you. The last time survival had this rotation it was the least played spec for an entire expansion.

I guess if that is the goal then they have succeeded with flying colors.

EDIT: I do want to double down on that point because I think it is important. Survival was the lowest played spec in PVE for an entire expansion with this exact same rotation. How is it possible they think it is a good idea to go back to it? Survival is DOA when dragonflight goes live. I know, I know, there will be people who love it. Mark my words though, when we sort parses at the end of the first raid tier, there will be no spec with less than survival unless their are massive changes to the spec that we all know are not coming.