Thank you all!

Hey DD folks,

Just wanted to say thank you for making this a great server! I’ve met some awesome folks on both factions, and after 6 months here, my love for my fellow Deviants has only grown.

Thank you for taking the time to promote RP through your efforts, and to the various guild leaders who fight to make things fun. A special shout-out to Tinara, Sharptusk, Ahleingui, Toriela, Kaedan, Rinari, Aovi, Hagrim, Thraxz, and a long list of others whose names will no doubt pop into my head immediately after I hit + Create Topic. :slight_smile:

For those new to the server, or the troopers who’ve been here since launch, I’ll see you in the world.


And next to each of those names you listed are the officers and members of those guilds without whose active support none of this would be possible. To add to Calvorican’s letter of appreciation, I’d like to add the people who show up to these events, throw some training money to young levelers, set aside what they are doing to help fill out a dungeon party or finish an elite quest someone needs, or even spend a minute to talk IC about the weather.

There are those who are more visible among the community, and then there are dozens of others who’s work is less well known. Horde-side we had Bigwig and his Barrens give-aways, Docren and the kind folks of < Herb Baked Goods and Brews > who have supplied half the Horde with free bags and other supplies. There are many more who add to the community through their daily interactions.

I’d also like to add a thank-you to the larger guilds of this community who help out the smaller, more niche-guilds with the end-game dungeons; either by opening spots on their teams or filling in holes in our raids. Horde-side the guilds Landlubbers, Night Witches, Crimson Cowl, among others have been especially kind to Thunderhoof in this respect.

We’ve made this server into the kind of place we are proud to call home. That takes a majority of the community all believing and working together. We are a small community, but a healthy one, who on the whole treat each other with respect and dignity.


Couldn’t agree more. My only regret about transferring to this server was waiting until phase 5 to do it.