Thank god they nerfed destro LOL

Would have been a .3 sec chaos bolt prenerf i guess ^_-

WTB Expedient nerfs so i dont have to play at 1/5th the haste of fire / destro teams


but ele doesnt cast 5head

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cuz our casts do 22k dmg on 600k+ hp targets ?

Give me greater Lava burst 4head

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Warlocks be talking about instant casts are easier than casting while they have cast times faster than my global cd


My least fav thing is having havoc dispel . Pressing flame shock . they pressed havoc after i press flame shock . but can coil before my flame shock GCD is finished :slight_smile:

Feels super outplayed.


Ok nah dispelling havoc is actually impossible unless you pre-dispel it, I actually cannot get it on my mage ever

i have dispel macros on my mouse and have to literally hold all globals and stare at my WA showing who gets it on . then press the right one.

its like the internet MS reaction time tests and i fail them so often LMAO .5 too fast for old man riki

Till the 1700exp destro figures out to infernal stun into havoc coils / or fear / havoc / coil then i never get to dispel them

Its really just disgusting how destro locks and R/M has actually been str8 busted for 4 years now since legion.


Yeah, I ragequit playing arena pretty hard 2 weeks ago? I’m a fossil in today’s gaming standards, but I swear my GCD is slower than chaos bolt cast times.

THE GAME does not allow me to react to this spec, it’s absurd.


At least every warlock is going to forget how to play when they go from 90% haste to 10-20% and mind numbing/tongues is back.

No more getting double bolted out of a DR shadowfury POGGERS


Please don’t challenge blizzard


yeah this would be where they give us templates back but the monkey’s paw curls up and the destro template has 200% haste for all of SL from the jump


destro is extremely OP, but that wasnt even the destro’s damage - take a closer look and you’ll see the mage got 2 GPYs off within a 5 second timeframe.

i can’t wait to play affliction again and ditch destro

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You dont need haste when most of your stuff is insta cast 1 shots. Chillll

No the first gpy gets MC’d and from watching it in slow motion it doesn’t look like the second gpy actually hits before he dies

Edit: Second gpy maybe hits, it’s hard to see because of the camera angle


Im swapping from my destro to my rogue in shadowlands. Rogue is always a safe bet noone can argue that

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yeah you’re right, I just checked it on 0.25 as well, and it looks like that first gpy was in fact stopped (didnt look like it at first) - the 2nd one for sure hit though, I looked at the priests health and the time each CB was thrown out, looks like they did around 60% of his health in total - that wasnt even darksoul or infernal either, it was just 5 stack unstable flames, draconic int proc from cloak, and elemental whirl.

game is obnoxious - if SL is a clown fiesta like BFA, I just wont play it.

faster than global CD LOL such a good answer to their cast times LOL!!!

till blizzard forgets to tune AFF and they just afk top dmg and never die in slands #excited

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