Thalnos server doomed

I have been a long time Warcraft enthusiast and still hold a retail account that just collects dust since Classic came out. I have always admired the way Blizzard updated and cared for Warcraft. They were always quick to fix in game issues and always adding new content and that is a big reason why Blizzard has received a monthly payment from me for the last several years.
I hate to have to complain about the game i love but the Horde to alliance ratio is so bad that the game has become not very fun anymore. It is not fair to the Alliance when we are prevented from entering dungeons and prevented from farming which puts us in an unfair position. Horde now hold all the cards, they are so far ahead of us with new gear that we can’t compete fairly with them. This server is losing a lot of good alliance players because of being locked out and unable to compete fairly.
Something needs to be done to help this server out or it won’t last. it’s not a good situation for either side. Horde are large and in charge right now but what are they going to do when all the Alliance leave? Sit around and dual each other 24/7? They will stop playing because the pvp aspect of this server, which they signed up for will be gone. There has to be a way to even this out better. Maybe offer Horde more free transfers? Put a temporary hold on any new Horde characters being created? You guys have some very smart people working for you that could figure something out, please do.

I made a post about this exact issue a while ago, and im from the Horde side. It is honestly kind of pathetic how bad it is.

I would totally get a transfer if I could. But that wont really fix the problem, lets see what bgs will do. Hopefully alleviate most of the problem


lol you’re on horde! Honestly I think Thalnos is fine… i mean BGs are out now… i rarely see horde in teh world now. Then again… my guild is known for not letting the horde get in our way.

ohh and @op… thalnos is not doomed in the slightest.

Yes I know im on horde, i said im on horde. And it is boring. super boring :confused:
Im just too far in to re-roll now.

But still, your right, bg did help a bit for now at least. At least there are some interesting fights now

Has this issue not significantly improved since the BGs came out?

It’s about to get significantly worse. The entire alliance is leaving.


Aside from exaggerating the worst case scenario what realistically can be done to improve the situation for alliance? We know Blizzard isn’t going to swoop in and fix an imbalance, so the only solution rests in the hands of the player population. There are many pathways for cross-faction communication to occur and for terms to be reached between groups to retain the dynamics of the server.

they already found the solution, they are transfering to benediction

Eyyyy! I’ve run into you quite a few times!

Tbh, nothing. This is Brazil will carry the remainder of the alliance. Tbh, we’re just tired of playing against 80h/20a odds. We are moving to balanced servers. If the horde don’t want us to run stop the death squads. Or at least kill us once and move on. It’s difficult to play sometimes when you can’t get anything done because horde would rather camp you than farm the mobs we all went there for in the first place. It’s not like there’s a ton of alliance to come help us out either.

Every day more and more quit on the alliance. Every day more allies transfer. We have 6k items on our ah and its not going to get better.

The server full clear is moving to is almost 50/50 split with 21k auctions last i looked. Several of us have alts over there already and can actually get dungeon groups. On Thalnos we have to trade carries unless there is that rare dungeon group for a dungeon you actually need. Finding prebis runs are almost non existent. We have to use a raid night to help our guild mates get the prebis they haven’t gotten yet. Mostly, because dungeon runs are rare.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for wpvp as I’m sure you know by now. But there’s wpvp and then there’s not being able to farm anything because there’s horde everywhere we go and not nearly enough alliance to help. I had a group of 10 or so horde camp me by the frostmaul giants the other night. They didn’t even keep farming them. They decided it was better to camp me. That’s not even fun… if it was 1 or 2 then I can have fun with that. 1v10?? Nothing I can do. The game ceases to be fun. And to be clear it’s because they chose to camp me. I have no problem getting killed… but going out if their way to camp me 1v10.

I’ll go to a server where it’s more balanced.

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I’d be sorry to see you go Rozen. It was always a fun brawl running into you in Winterspring and the fights we had were exciting without feeling too one-sided.

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how its going on the new server? I bet you are still geting camped.
No matter if the server is 90% alliance, horde have 1 hour queues to farm on the open world, if you dont want to fight 1v10 reroll on PVE or a low pop server.