Thalnos Death

Please administrators thalnos is dead and the options for best to migrate are closed, we need some solution.


Agree’d we need to get a forum post going and get some steam otherwise it will go overlooked.


I cant believe people have been complaining on these forums for months and we cant get a single response.

ill come back to these post once a day and keep it rolling. Everyone else do the same until they final give us something lol

Yeah they just need to merg us with another low pop server. I’m in a really nice guild so I don’t wanna transfer. It sucks though because I am forced to quest only right now to level, it would be nice to do some dungeons before level 60.

My main Alliance server is Netherwind which is stupidly overcrowded (Thanks Blizzard), I would love to transfer my toons here BUT i am not going to pay money for that

I don’t understand why they have not opened free transfers here . there are plenty of people out there who enjoy the LOW pop server feel.


100% Agree, I’m going to hit this post every day until we get something, sad as hell that we can’t get a response, open transfers, anything, this server need help, now. Tell others to do the same, we just need some steam for them to give a crap.

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One of these days we will get a response

Someday blizzard will stop ignoring the community as a whole.

unanswered Thalnos flies high

Cmon blizzard, dont leav us hanging.

any day now

Thalnos must need crosserver immediately. Thalnos is dead, he doesn’t have enough players to even make Strat / Scholo groups. Or put LFG.

Come on Blizzard stop ignoring us! I want to return to classic so bad but then i remember this server is dead

Bump this stuff please respond.

i have quit playing on my undead rouge i made (inspired by grim rip btw) and deleted it and left the server because i just couldn’t do it at lv35 none the less no dungeon groups no wpvp no nothing we NEED transfers or a merge i just wanna be able to come back to my rouge and enjoy the leveling experince

Blizzard doesnt care about us, guys. My guild transferred and I have a geared shaman with rare recipes for profession stuck here in Thalnos. The funny thing is they are allowing new player creation on high servers instead of giving us option to transfer. They are just taking our money without caring for us. Now when I say this- someone will come and say that stop playing the game and what not. If you are detached from the guild and want to go back and they give you other incentives instead of going to where your guild is, it will just take away the thought of even playing the game where you have loads of playing time on your main characters and instead have to make alts on other server which shouldnt be allowed.

stiill nothing

There is a small but dedicated group of Alliance players. Our guild, Celestial Knights was built from the ground up and you all will be seeing much more of us in the coming months as our members get level 60 and we start raiding the 10, 20 mans, as well as a dedicated group of World PVPers. We are also in close cooperation with other Alliance guilds and forming 40 mans when possible.

Personally, I like the lower population as its easier to get PvP ranks, harvest tradeskills and the like. Although the main drawback is the very limited AH supply, and long wait times for cross server BG’s on off-peak hours.

Things will only keep getting better. See you guys in Azeroth!


Yeah its nice to finally see some alliance out and about