Testing Burning Crusade Classic Launch Again on May 13

Was massive lag like 4-5 seconds trying to talk to NPCS and stuff. I hope they work this out.

We’re about an hour away from opening the Dark Portal on the Launch Test beta realm for today’s test.

Yay! I just made my character! All ready to go to the portal!

it says all of them are offline (even launch test)

They are preparing to open the launch test server. It will be up in about 40 minutes.

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It’s fully open now.

It was still in name-reservation-only mode, and then we had to take it completely offline for a couple of minutes for … reasons. But it’s open now and testers are coming in.

how do we get in on this I opted in for the beta the first day it was available and still havent received an invite is this tied to the beta invites as well?

Will the other beta realms be brought back online?

figured would be more pvp action with the amount of peeps heading in, maybe too much lag for groups

I mean. . we tried. . Kind of hard at 2 fps.

But that is what the test was for.

I managed to get twenty kills on a fresh shaman never knowing if I hit anything with chain lightning because it took so long to cast.

Push the release date back, we all need more time, and you guys need more time to get your servers playable.

What are you going on about?

They are ready

May I remind you of what the stress test is for?

Just like Classic launch

Again, this is not rocket spaghetti!!

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was too busy shooting folks to check my ping but 40+ when I was watching it after the initial inrush

Your own ping is not affected by server lag

Shush up now little one, the work is done.

lol, the ending was great… I managed to stay alive until shut down!

That was a lot of fun!

Yes any large pvp in wow has 100% always been unplayable. This is pretty much a known limit in wow. 500 people in one spot pvping is just a lag fest of waiting on spells to cast.

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It was definitely a lot of FUN! I did both days of Launch Test. Only thing I personally did not enjoy at all was that it took place on a PvP server. And the huge amounts of lag at the Dark Portal.

On the first day I came in as a 58 Belf Pally, died 6 times just trying to reach the Dark Portal. Then all these Fel Reavers spawned in Blasted Lands at the Dark Portal, definitely making it challenging avoiding them to finally step through. On the Outland side of the portal, seeing all the bosses at the flight master from Hyjal raid, and then in Thrallmar having Hakkar from ZG, Illidan Stormrage, and more Hyjal bosses around was pretty epic! I even saw that Kel’Thuzad was out there in Honor Hold in my chat window. I took all kinds of screenshots to save.

On day 2 of testing I copied this same Alliance warrior I’m responding to this thread with over to the Launch Test realm. Staying alive before the portal opened was easier this time around. But what made the time excruciatingly LONG before the portal opened were morons posting in LFG channel to “inv to asmon layer” every nano-second, ruining the experience of even finding a group to do any content with. Which was probably their point/objective. :face_vomiting:
There did seem to be a pre-patch event quest available at the dark portal to kill 6 Felguards and 6 Voidwalkers, but when I tried to work on it (despite the PvP), the Felguard kills never registered to the quest. I should have submitted an F6 bug report and screen-shotted my combat log, as I saw that I had killed at least 3, but it never showed up in my quest that I had killed them. Then going through the Dark Portal and trying to work on the Outland quests (that I’m very familiar with), it was PVP HELL to deal with. Others might find that type of PvP griefing fun, entertaining, making themselves feel “badass”, but I personally have zero desire to play in those reindeer games. So I went and checked out Shattrath, The Exodar, and some other new zones before returning to Honor Hold for the Fel Reaver and Kel’Thuzad show. And this time, they didn’t bring Kel’Thuzad in. Just Emeryss. I was really looking forward to seeing KT. :frowning_face:

All-in-all, I enjoyed being at the Launch Test though. Thanks for having me! It’s going to be super crazy! I’m a deep prot warrior tank over on the Pagle realm, so feel free to hit me (Korvaine-Pagle US - Alliance) up for some dungeon runs. I’ll be following the Attunement Guide from Wowhead, but using this video to work on rep while leveling. I’m not in any T3 gear (more T2 gear), but I’ll be putting even more effort into TBC than I did in Classic. :slight_smile:

no it wasnt a me issue… i had to uninstall and reinstall teh beta for it do fully download… also if it was a me issue then NONE of my games would of updated… as i said it was only hte beta that had the problem untill i did the reinstall… but anywho since then this is null an void as its now downloaded… jsut havent logged into it yet…

Thank you for all the work you do Kaivax! I’m speaking for Glinda especially!