Terrible lag

Last 3 days at around 7pm EST i get massive lag… and sure enough today it happened again and today was the worst one yet about 500 ping, Its only wow that im lagging in no matter what server im on its terrible, Anyone else getting this?

Usually when lag creeps in around a specific time, especially the mid-evening hours, it’s because the local or ISP network is experiencing an oversaturation issue. This can also be true if you have a shared connection in a building, like a school dorm or apartment.

im in a house, and its only wow that lags nothing else

The route between you and WoW vs you and some other service are going to be different. So the lag is likely happening on that route. Either way, we’re just guessing if you don’t add the WinMTR required for connection troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Instructions for WinMTR are at the top of the forum:

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