Tendrils of Mannoroth [H] Alleria 2005

Hello all, After years off I’ve decided to come back to WOW. I am looking to see if there are any original Alleria TNT members still playing and if so where are you at? I saw Toca’s Recruitment Video is still on YouTube and man I miss you all. I was on my Hunter back then (Hibridf) bit main was my Priest (Hib). Back then Foxbat made some great videos also and TS and his Hunter mod. He was also the Scarb Lord. Velrin if your out there bro or Gratch or Thran!!! Anyway, I hope I’m not the only one still around.


Goodluck finding your friends mon!

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Thanks, yeah thought it would be cool to see who is all still around.

Ever find any of the old Alleria folks? I was in The Velvet Hammer and use to pvp at crossroads with Toca all the time.