<Tempest> [CLASSIC] [Casual Progression] [Alliance]



We are a casual progression Alliance (NA + PvP) guild that hopes to provide a means of finding other guild members with similar interests! Our Discord features channels that cater to PvP, PvE, Dungeons, and Raids.

We understand that we all have lives outside of Azeroth, and we know not everyone will want to dedicate chunks of time to raiding or PvP (or even playing with others for that matter). That’s okay, we won’t kick you out for wanting to do your own thing!


We have no requirements to join or remain in the guild, other than the occasional interaction with the community. If we see where someone has gone silent for a long period of time and is inactive on WoW, we will make room. As long as you let us know you don’t actually want to break up and that you’re just “taking a break”, we won’t kick you - we’ll just cry in the corner and wait for your return.

That said, anyone of any class and spec is allowed! That includes you, (b)oomkins and… well, not shamans.


Our guild will do all content (eventually) as it is released or shortly after it is released. We won’t be killing ourselves to be world firsts or get a fully decked-out team of raiders, but we will try our best to do what we can. We will also be hosting community events to help bring our members together - such as fishing tournaments (for prize money) and races, to name a couple. Events will not be on a set schedule, but will be announced at least a few days in advance (they will be RSVP if spots are limited).

I promise, we are friendly. We are also in need of members - our guild is brand new! If you are interested and would like to be blood-bou- I mean, invited, shoot me a message on Discord! For more information, take a look at the guild server. I will occasionally check back here - Discord is much more reliable.

My Discord: Arxaion#1853

Guild: NeRc52y