Teleport Hearthstones

I would like to propose a change to teleport for mages. The change: Mages can collect Hearthstones from all over the cosmos (one from each continent, such as Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, AU Draenor, Broken Isles, Shadowlands, etc.)

In essence, the teleport spell would allow us to replace the default teleport locations with a hearthstone location (so basically any Inn) that matches that continent.

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Sounds great until you realize that you no longer need the portal to the middle of nowhere and wish you had Silvermoon available.


Then go back to Silvermoon and set your portal location back to there.

Plus, you’re trolling. Nobody needs to go to Silvermoon. Ever. It’s a silly place.

No I’m not trolling. It was just one example of many. If you’re going to post suggestions on a public forum, then the assumption is you want feedback. Part of feedback is critique.

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This idea is terrible.

Teleport to a major city, or somewhere mildly convenient for a short period of time until you realize you have to take a flight path or teleport somewhere else to set your next destination. Sounds like a hearthstone but with extra steps and you lose a teleport/mage portal node in the process. Just give mages the summoning stone ability 4Head.

Definitely don’t see a need to revamp mage portals/teleports with an overly convoluted system tbh.

Ok. Then also give warlocks teleports and portals. And time warp. Deal?

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They have those they’re called wormhole generators.

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