Teleport hacking, just release tokens

Layers and ban wave.

Problem solved.

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Or… They could do their job and ban the bots faster. The current response rate is beyond pathetic, they can do better with our money. Tokens will never be the answer.


They put them on the CN servers, which basically made CN unprofitable and forced all the botting into NA and EU servers.

I’m not a fan of tokens either, but they kind of already screwed this one up…


Tokens remove the economic incentive for gold seller.
Layers remove the scarcity driving RMT transactions for mats and encourage players to engage in the gathering professions again.
Game masters physically remove cheaters and exploiters.

Do all three. Nuke this problem from space.


They are doing better with our money. They are putting it in the investors’ pockets.

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Instead how about Blizzard fix the hack?

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Really all that’s needed


they don’t care.

I have seen the same rogue herbalist bot in Felwood teleporting to Plaguebloom nodes for months. He wears the twilight cultist set and various random low level greens. I have reported him at least a dozen times… Blizzard doesn’t care or do anything. The same bots on the same characters have been running rampant for months despite the fact that they’re being reported daily

No, the way to address the pay-to-win problem is not to legitimize pay-to-win. I’d rather have bots than half the population just using their credit card to buy their way through everything.

Yes, people buy gold now. That’s why there are bots. But legitimizing it would increase such trashy behavior manyfold and creates a trashy culture where pay-to-win is seen as perfectly fine because Blizzard says so.

Game companies already learned this lesson, though. There is a black market for their game currencies. There will always be a black market for accounts and gold. The question isn’t whether you can stop it (you cannot) the question is who makes money off of it, and whether you can mitigate the damage. Game tokens direct the money to the owner of the IP and also give the developer powerful tools to regulate the game economy. They are the best available solution.

But they don’t solve anything.

The gold selling sites simply change their services to provide other items of value rather than simply gold (powerlevelling services, items, etc).

These RMT didn’t leave retail when the token got added. They just changed what they sell.

Fixing the flyhack is something that should be doable and will greatly reduce the amount these services can make. Start with that.


This is why I view the wow economy with indifference. I make enough to play a game I enjoy. I don’t play for the auction house.


It is not a matter of stopping it or not. There is a middle result, which is reduction of the behavior.

It’s just like the war on drugs. Yes, there is no way to win the war on drugs. But if anyone could buy a pack of her0in at the 7-11 just like one buys a pack of cigarettes, it’s use would undoubtedly be a lot more widespread.

To buy gold in Classic right now means risking getting hacked or your account banned or seen by your peers as a cheater. Take away the risks and have Blizzard say it’s no longer cheating, and the behavior will increase manyfold.

And if you’re like me, and believe that pay-to-win is bad for games and their culture and community, then that’s not seen as an improvement over the bot situation. I’d rather have the bots.

Put in daily quests…

Wait sorry a troll wrote that not me. One could get banned for suggesting such a thing.

Wouldn’t tokes cause massive inflation?

Almost certainly.

You see, right now buying gold can and does result in bans. (although it takes time, and they don’t catch everyone).

I know for a fact they banned a guy who tried to buy gold to get scarab lord on my server, for instance.

If they implement the token, suddenly there’s no punishment for buying gold.

To be fair, the amount of gold you get with a token does change if a lot of people are buying, you’ll get less gold per token. But we’d still see massive inflation in prices.

Also to be fair, a token does not create gold; it simply transfers it. So it doesn’t increase the amount of gold in the economy. But this is still a problem because of how good raw farms are in classic.

In retail I’d have to log in pretty frequently over the course of a month to pay my sub with gold. In classic? probably bang that out in a day or two. Less than a week for sure.

what about the nochange rule?

No changes. WoW tokens won’t stop teleport hacking. Only Blizzard actually banning people will help with that.

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I’m sitting here chuckling at the mongs thinking tokens are gonna help anything. P2W PvP ranking services anyone? Wanna buy a powerleveling service to 60? Pay a multiboxer to pump you all the way through Ony attune? Botters won’t go away if all you do is make gold purchaseable.


all blizzard has to do is sit in front of ZG to watch bots in action. it’s simple yet they arent doing it. you cant get banned from botting anymore.

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This guy gets it.