[Team Hades] of <Illicit> Tues/Thur 6-9:00 PM 9/10H & 3/10M SOD

Come and take a look at Hades. We’re a nice crew!

Bumping for the fun

Come check these guys out, they’re pretty awesome!!

Lets go yall!

Bumping for the group

Judicata likes long walks on the beach and small talk

I dont like small talk, our mouths should be doing other things!

How do you feel about Enh shaman with resto offspecs?

Bumping bump

We could make that work!

Always looking for new people to have fun with!

Still looking for some added DAmage DEalers!

Always bet on bump

come one come all and join

come one come all and join (on my main this time I think)

Hey everyone , We are looking for people to help us out and join Illicit to progress through Mythic, We have a fun team and great people too. Great environment and long time friendly people. Come join us…we NEED YOU!!!

Come join me in Illicit and get free foot pics. Absolutely free. Cute metal feet calling your name.

Looking for Mythic-ready players who like progression raiding and gnomes. No punters, spitters, or petters (we are non hunter pets despite their claims).

Come join the fun! the group is great and the raid with them is awesome and if you are a awesome raider come join this great guild :smiley:

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five’? Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself. So do you fell lucky, punk? Do ya? Seriously I actually fired six, but apparently my gun has unlimited ammo so does it really matter. Hunter LIFE. Come join us