TBCC name things

This is for TBCC. Some questions about names mostly. A lot of the info I see online is possibly old or conflicting.

I have 2 accounts on 1 battletag. I have a level 70 named “Bob” the shaman on acct 1. I want the name “Bob” for a new lvl 1 druid on acct 2.

I don’t really want to delete the shaman but I guess if I must I must.

  1. It is my understanding if I delete, I must wait 30 days to make Bob the druid?
  2. Does the 30 days apply since it’s 2 accts or is it longer?
  3. What’s the fastest way to get Bob freed?
  4. Can I just transfer Bob shaman away to some other server to immediately free his name for acct 2?
  5. What happens if I delete Bob shaman and try to restore him 6 months from now?

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Since both wow licenses are on the same battle.net account, the name should be available for you to use immediately if you delete or transfer “Bob.” It should only have the 30 day lock on the name for other battle.net accounts. I haven’t found anything that says that works differently on TBCC/Classic realms.

You may run into trouble trying to restore the original “Bob” later. Blizzard won’t allow the restore of a deleted character if you reuse the name as they don’t want players using that as a way to try and get a free name change, especially in versions of the game that don’t currently offer that service at all. You may have to delete the new “Bob” in order to restore the old one.

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An alternative would be to rename the new Bob which would allow you to restore the old bob with the name intact.

Name changes aren’t currently available for TBCC/Classic, so that wouldn’t be an option unless/until that changes.

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Ok a follow up with results in case someone looks for this info later.

I transferred lvl 70 Bob on acct 1 away and was able to reuse Bob’s name on acct 2 immediately.

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I know you’ve already transferred but I thought I’d cover this so the answers are a little easier to find for anyone searching.

If you delete the Shaman, as long as it’s on the same Battle.net account you’d retain access to that name on that Battle.net account and realm for 30 days (assuming the character is level 30+).

Technically, it’s two WoW licenses on the same Battle.net account so no, it wouldn’t. The phase WoW account is often interchangeable with WoW license, so it can get a bit confusing.

Since TBCC doesn’t have a Name Change service transferring or deleting the character would be the fastest way to make the name available for use.

Yes. Transferring is the same as deleting when it comes to how the server views the character.

On Classic Realms restoring a deleted character where you claimed the name it had for another character can be complicated. As we don’t have a name change service this circumvents that normal functionality so in order to restore the original character you may need to delete or transfer the character that currently has the name prior to undeleting the character.