TBCC huge latency spikes since Tuesday

Over the last couple days my game hits random lag spikes that are bad enough I can’t even play. I see WoW is using 2500+ mb of memory which I’m told is far too much. It’s not addons, it’s not my gpu drivers, and my internet otherwise is fine. What could be causing this? I have 16gb of ram and latency spikes to like 800 when a lag spike hits.

I don’t remember what the norms are for ram usage in Classic, but it sounds like it’s addons… Probably one with a memory leak. I don’t think there are any currently known memory leak issues with WoW or WoW Classic. Disable all addons and test again for a few hours without signing out, see if the memory still creeps up over time.

Try repairing the client+full UI reset. Also make sure your windows is fully up to date (21H2 build for either Win10 or 11) and that your GPU drivers are fully up to date(516.94 for Nvidia).

Also: Post a DXDIAG report

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2500mb is normal ram usage. double that can be normal if you use a ton of addons. and ram usage would be unlikely to be related to latency increases though it can happen.

run a winmtr when you are experiencing this and post it. just run it while you play until you have an issue, and stop and restart it such that your run has 10-15 minutes of total data. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/000027780

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Disabling addons, no change. Repairing did nothing. Resetting UI did nothing. Windows and GPU are up to date. I sent the reports in a ticket and am waiting to hear back. Idk how to post them here.

Like I said:

But again, it could be a normal usage level. Tofflemire is saying it seems normal, but again, I don’t play classic, so I don’t really know what the baseline would be.

I ran that and have submitted in a ticket already, waiting to hear back. Idk how to post it here.

Alright, I’m sure they’ll get back to you within the next 15 or so business days then. Hopefully they can get you sorted out.

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