TBC Vanish Bugged on Eredar Twins

Vanish Bugged on Eredar Twins

Vanish isn’t clearing threat or dropping you as a target by either boss.

Pls Fix.


Yes, I can confirm this too. Really frustrating for rogues in this fight because of getting threat capped.

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It’s because you’re using Blade Flurry when you vanish. The damage on the second twin doesn’t matter anyways so you’re just risking death by padding and trying to vanish it off. The threat wipe wont happen if you immediately interrupt the vanish batch with more melee attacks. Why? idk it’s just how it is.

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I did not use Blade Flurry and I have try to run away from the boss a bit and then Vanish, still does not clear threat.

Yeah I can confirm this too pls fix this bug asap.

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There is no second target cleave happening here or blade flurry. This is something different than the normal vanish issue. This is specifically the primary targets threat not being dropped.

Also even waiting multiple globals and up to 5s without breaking vanish doesn’t drop threat.

Still happening. Thanks.

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Same issue.

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Still happening.

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Hello? Can somebody fix this bug please?

The Conflagration and Shadow Nova mechanics on Eredar Twins operate based upon the opposite Twin’s threat table. You might have noticed that once the fight gets rolling, no healer is ever chosen for Conflagration; likewise, Shadow Nova is almost always targeted on a healer (or a Shadow Priest or other ranged DPS rolling DoTs on Alythess).

Within my guild we have proposed that the coding used for these abilities is having some very weird interactions with normal threat mechanics. For example, we have a decent amount of evidence that Misdirection is not actually transferring threat at all when it comes to the tables the Twins reference to choose their Conflag/Nova targets - meaning the threat rankings as displayed by threat meters/as reported by the threat API does not match the hidden values the Twins look at. I hypothesize that the coding of these abilities is also what is preventing Vanish from working as intended.

I wouldn’t expect a fix for this since it might require recoding abilities and I don’t think Blizzard is going to allocate dev resources to it.