TBC solves almost all common complaints about Classic

“wahh I want ret paladins and lazer chickens to be viable!”
And TBC makes them viable.

“wahh honor grind sucks!”
And TBC removes it in favor of a PvP system that doesn’t require you to /afk 16 hours a day, and has no issues with queue times because you can fight people of your own faction.

“wahh raids are too easy!”
And TBC’s (25man) raids are an order of magnitude harder than even Naxx.

“wahh lotus mafia and lotus botters!”
And TBC changes lotus so that it’s a random drop from any herb node, and thus cannot be camped/mafia’d

“wahh world buff dispellers!”
And TBC removes worldbuffs entirely. No more having to raidlog in order to keep worldbuffs.

“wahh tons of consumable farming!”
And TBC simplifies consumes down to just food + flask OR 2 elixirs.

etc. etc.
Forget “classic+”, pretty much all of vanilla’s major issues are directly fixed in TBC.


Vanilla has no issues.

The issue is retail players that can’t accept the premise that this game was released for people that are die hard vanilla players. Those “common complaints” hold no weight and are coming from the same self-entitled playerbase that created that bloated monstrosity that is retail today.

Any little change that Blizzard makes to classic only makes it worse, anytime Blizzard has given in to common complaining in classic it has only made things worse. People are truly naive if they think that TBC classic would be any different when we already have people moaning for changes and crying about faction imbalance in that game.


It creates new complaints too


Horde Population come TBC… 90%, alliance population 10%, every realm.

Blizzard needs to force a 50% max on population per realm. It is utter BS


Except, many of these issues were apparent back then, too. They were actual flaws in the game design that were thankfully fixed in TBC. So you can’t say that they are all just a creation of entitled modern retail players.

I was a vanilla-is-the-best person, but after seeing some of the near game-breaking flaws and rampantly available exploits in Classic, I have to say that I am looking forward to many of them getting fixed in TBC.


This is accurate.


I love TBC, and yes it solved a few problems but manufactured some new ones.


Any 16 year old game is going to have some “flaws” or something that can be completely optimized to the point of becoming trivial.

This has to do with people who came to this game knowing full well how it played and how it was ahead of time. They knew how this game was, how things were going to be, and that none of these things would be changed but still chose to tour classic and try to change it anyways. The flaw is not with the game but with said people.


Yeah, I think TBC is better in every single way other than World PVP but I’m willing to give that up to have literally everything else improved.

I also kind of enjoyed the only 1 side has Paladin/Shaman it creates a more unique raid/pvp comp that only that faction can run.


Classic was a mistake for me in that it soured my first memories and good times in vanilla. I wasnt expecting to be transported back in time through a perfect recreation (times change hurrr) but damn not even I could have seen it being this off putting at times. Its not even close to the experience - everything looks the same but thats about it.

Vanilla+TBC was my best time with the franchise, TBC in particular and I just cant bring myself to taint my memories of those times. There’s no fix in there for me.


oh ya you think so?

And TBC’s (25man) raids are an order of magnitude harder than even Naxx.


Harder does not mean hard.

Yes they are harder because the baseline set in classic is very low.

What is the hardest boss? KT? Spread out and pick up adds.


KT is only a hard boss because its difficult to punch a guy while hes oiling your muscles.

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I mean black temple took a WHOLE WEEK to clear didn’t so hard D:


Most of the fights were buggy AF upon release in vanilla and BC.

Kael being bugged and unkilled for 5 months doesn’t magically make it the hardest boss.

Vanilla was not a static game from launch till TBC, it had issues.


BFA has no issues
see? I can play pretend too!


Every game has issues. No game is perfect.


It introduces all new problems as well.


No everyone knew what the deal was when Blizzard announced this game’s release… warts and all.

Retail players and new players trying to change this game to follow their own gameplay style or preference are the issue.