TBC should be no copy and everyone starts at 58

Too many people are playing classic to stack gold piles for their TBC experience, which will just damage server economy early into the games lifespan

Like even I have 30k gold in classic but I really shouldn’t have it going into TBC, first week flying mount for everyone seems weird


People keep saying this, but how does it “damage” the economy.


Level 1 is the truth


Sure. Except belfs have to start at level 1.


Yeah Blizzard should delete everyone’s gold and all the auctions when a new expansion is released.


I feel like if there are both the options to upgrade/transfer or to have fresh BC servers without the option to upgrade/transfer, then everyone can be happy (except the people who want clones).


The economy was “damaged” when mages inflated it with their gold farm and boosting.


There’s no way they will prevent people from keeping the characters they played and built for realistically a couple years by the time Classic TBC launches.

It would piss off so many people.

So what? Some people will have first week epic flying even starting from 0. Doing Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley at 70 is 3k gold on its own if you’re smart while questing, just need to corner the Primals market afterwards and you’re good to go.


With boosting gold just changes hands though.
Farming I can see though

Yeah no. I’m playing my current char in tbc. I will not accept a reset.


Correct, but it began changing hands through all the farming.

Since people know how much gold is out there, they can estimate the cost due to supply/demand for boosting. Consequently, players that don’t have enough free time on their hand get screwed through this economy (not boosting, but AH purchases).

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i went into tbc with my 60 14 years ago, ill be doing the same this time around mate.


I really doubt it. I’m sure some will do this, but I think the impact will be quite minimal. And honestly it’s kind of a waste of time to try and get loads of gold beyond ~6k or so to be able to afford your epic flying. Better to wait and be able to farm gold much faster at level 70.

TBC classic should be as close to how original TBC launch was with the exception of keeping vanilla Classic intact so those who wish to remain in vanilla can do so.


It doesn’t. People just like saying that.

People have been making the same claim about layering, and the market is either roughly the same or improved by the increased access to resources.


Not just that but a lot of money is about to change hands too. Everyone is stockpiling atm because BWL is easy but AQ and specially Naxx will be different. Can’t imagine flasks not being asked by most guilds for the later bosses, people having to chug Shadow Prot pots on Loatheb etc.

It’s mathematically impossible for “most guilds” to flask (other than tanks) even on medium pop realms. There just aren’t enough black lotuses available.

Hell, even with layering I doubt resource availability would go up enough that more than a few guilds could use flasks.

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I’m fine with a template 58, anything except starting at lvl 1 I’m fine with.


I mean Naxx won’t be out for a good 8-10 months too.

Either way my own guild is asking us to have 10 Flasks for AQ, and i imagine will ask the same for Naxx and we aren’t exactly tryhards.

The availability of flasks isn’t going to go up between now and then. It’ll go down, unless blizz takes action.

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I mean it goes up as they still constantly respawn and very few people actually use them now. There’s going to be a supply popping up beyond what’s spawning in the world when the people stockpiling them make them available.