Tazavesh is great

Even with the bugs (which I hope they fix fast), this dungeon is amazing! The fights, the aesthetic, little details like having an auction house and other services at the start.


Only been in there once, but I agree. This place is great. It ranks up there with Suramar.

Tazavesh is very pretty for sure :slight_smile: They absolutely are working on the bugs. A mailroom boss hotfix just came out recently for example. I hope more dungeons like this come out in the future!

Yeah, the atmosphere, music, and feeling like true adventures again (to me) harkens back to old school dungeon diving for relics like in uldaman, or the halls of stone.

There was also a recent hotfix to it, too:


i would have much more fun in tazavesh if i was ranged

also absolutely hate vrykul bossfight, so bad without voice

It needed to be tuned way higher imo for a mega dungeon it failed to feel “mega” in any way. Aside from 2 bosses none have any meaningful mechanics or a health pool to even see them. Its a target dummy dungeon

The mount is store mount quality, which needs to happen more often with ingame awarded mounts.

The first boss is a nightmare if you’re ranged, especially if you aren’t mobile.

you’ll get your +40 tazavesh key next patch

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…he was fine for my group, twice.

I don’t know what your point is. :man_shrugging:

Did it yesterday except the last boss, the mechanics are a pain and the group gave up after a while, since its a possible mount dropper I found 4 people to try again and gave it 5 more tries and still no luck. Then a super paly came along and we tried to 2 man it, that didn’t go well. Can get past 1st part of stage 2 when you line up arrows to disable the stars so boss can be damaged again but after that I’m still tryin to figure out.

Not given up, if I cant get it by Monday I will pay gold to some pros to come show me how its done so I can show party how to do next week. But I think its a fun dungeon, I know there must be some secrets hidden in there too.

Is there different “keys” for this place, or is it just a couple difficulties like raids? Do individual bosses drop loot, or just at the end?

Normal mode and a way to unlock hard modes of the place. And each boss drops loot. Mount is guaranteed for everyone on hard mode

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Happen to know what the ilvl drops are on normal?

226 normal and 233 hard mode. Just do hardmode the entire thing aside from 2 bosses at end is a target dummy dungeon with most bosses dying in 45 seconds

Awesome, Thank you.