Tauren-only RP Guilds?

I was thinking of creating a tauren soon and was wondering if there were any tauren tribes out there that were tauren-exclusive?

There’s a couple! Check this thread:

Thank you for the link! I didn’t see any tauren-exclusive guilds sadly, but there are some guilds I’m looking at for other characters.

Sadly Shu’halo themed RP guilds aren’t real active. I know of two though one hosts Story Circle every Sunday night at 6 pm server. Think they also host some RP on Mondays in Thunder Bluff. Could look into Skyheart Tribe. Forget the name of the mentioned Tribe that hosts events.

Skyheart is great! I know of Wolfmane as well but I’m looking for something tauren-exclusive and I know but those guilds accept other races.

brilliant idea mr

As for Tauren-exclusive RP guilds, I actually don’t think there are currently any around at the moment. Most guilds around will be tauren-centric, but accept other races as mentioned above.

I personally don’t think I’ve seen a tauren-exclusive guild around the server for some years now, but best of luck in your search!

Hey everyone!

Sadly there are no Tauren only guilds that I know of. Haven’t been for a long time. Could always make one.

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Being Tauren-exclusive is a really tough niche to break into, these days. I could always try to bring back the Earthspear Tribe but I sadly don’t have much motivation to lead a guild again with my real life as busy as it is.

EDIT: OP, the best thing you can do if none of these guilds fit your interests is to try and make one yourself. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s absolutely possible.

As others have said racial only guilds featuring JUST that one race, are extremely limited and rare sights.

There are plenty of Tauren based guilds though; I know my Guild Leader is going to be working on getting the Thundermoon Tribe up and active again for Shadowlands as we more or less took a break this expansion.

If its really something youre interested in, try to make one. But like the others said, its tough. However, if you can get passed the race-locked idea, you have a lot of options of tribes that do a great job of RPing the tribal theme!

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Thank you for the suggestions everyone! Since the server seems to be lacking a tauren tribe guild, I might look into starting one myself one day! I recognize that this is a rather niche idea, but it’s one I’d like to try.

If that doesn’t work out, it seems there’s a number of tribe-themed guilds here already so I think there’s plenty of options for my tauren.

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Back before I race changed this toon for SL, I led one (Shu’halo Nation) for a while but it can be pretty hard to keep a tauren only guild going so most tauren guilds allow all races. I have alts back on VeCo who are in Thunderhoof Clan, WoWs oldest and longest running tauren exclusive guild. I’ve been a member for about 14 years now. Great group of people.