Tauren + Draenei =

(Laya) #24

Why do you want to hurt me.

(Swiftraven) #25

My dear, I do not wish harm upon anybody! I sincerely apologize if you are feeling intimidated by my creation, let me give you a comforting hug

(Gripp) #26

A Trannei



It’s 12:45 am and i’m trying to not wake anyone up from laughing at all of this helpme

(Laya) #28

Make sure to have a buffer between us, I don’t think I’d be able to resist to have a bite.

(Gulrum) #29

I was imagining more of a centaur-like creature with 4 legs.


If Garona is anything to go off of when it comes to Draenei DNA mingling with other species’…

Mainly tauren - glowy marks on the skin (or ‘hairless’ parts that are draenei-coloring?), glowy eyes, perhaps lightly tinted fur or skin. Probably. Maybe.

(I hate you all for making me curious about this, now.)

(Swiftraven) #31

Hmm now I don’t mind a little nibble, just be gentle on the ears

(Panoptes) #32

Both options are equally terrifying sights.

(Asana) #33

Sounds like the next romance novel.

A Steamy Romance Novel: When Hooves Collide

(Jerauld) #34

It’ll be the G.O.A.T. for sure.

(Randysavage) #35

I always thought Draenei had a very fine fur on them. Now I am confused. Is it skin or fur?

(Portlon) #36

Ask your local SFM artist.

(Waidmann) #37

(Talendrion) #38

Maybe they’d look like a beefy Nightcrawler

(Yzzami) #39

Probably a dark blue grey draenei with very hairy arms and legs with more muscle. Oh and horns

A hairless tauren sounds too weird

(Waidmann) #40

THat would be

(Waidmann) #41

Draenei -human offspring

(Greenegg) #42

elves are mutant trolls and humans are rockmonsters turned into midgit fleshbags and yet they have no problem mating, it’s a fantasy world, anything can procreate with anything.

I’m still waiting for my gnome/night elf hybrids so I can fulfill my dream of playing as the gnomferatu hearthstone card.

(Crumbs) #43

Oh wow… backs away slowly