Tauren Chicken Mounts

Okay. if we can get a male succubus, we can get Tauren on a chicken!

Chop chop! :smiley:

Gimme my chicken mount! :baby_chick:

Can I have a tauren be my mount?


Do you mean the Hawkstrider?

Don’t worry, you’ll maybe get one in P5, because that one is useable by all races.

Just wait for the White Hawk Strider in Magisters Terrace.

you can in magisters terrace

I’m not a raider though. Let me at the gnomes!

Oh. Erm… Uhm. Looks around

Its a dungeon that comes out with Sunwell.

I’m just going to keep eating gnomes until I get my chicken mount!

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The 5 man dungeon released in phase 5 will have a rare drop mount that is a white hawkstrider.

Pink Hawkstrider Club represent!

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