Tanks in SoM

Maybe make some changes that makes tanking more appealing.
Sitting for 30+ minutes looking for a tank takes a lot of the fun out of the game.

make a tank?


Wonderful idea!
If you think the tank shortage will be fixed by the addition of 1 tank then you probably should have studied a little harder in school.

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It will fix the situation for you.


Do you have a point?
There is a tank shortage for EVERYONE, not just me.
Is that so difficult to grasp or do you just like to troll?

The tank shortage is mostly because you need 4 tanks for raiding, which is one tank for every 10 people.

I’m not going to make a druid or a warrior if I can’t get a raiding spot. Ranged DPS and tank are my preferred roles, but I had to play Classic as melee dps because there were too many tanks in my guild. A druid of ours had to switch to healer, and two other warriors switched to DPS along with me.

As generous as guilds are to DPS warriors regarding loot, I didn’t want to go through that again, so I made a warlock this time. Supply and demand will net you one tank every 10 players. But you need one every 5 for dungeons.

If anything, tell blizzard to come up with more tank mechanics. If every raid needs 6 tanks the shortage will be over in seconds.

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