Tank Shortage? Shorten it more!

Just looked at the nerfs and I started laughing uncontrollably.

Seriously, man. Did a Brewmaster Rising Sun kick your dog or something?

They were already suffering.


Honestly the notes should of read this

BrM was by far the worst tank in terms of tankyness id grade as a c- where others are A- at worst.

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But they pack a punch though. Feels great when doing damage, but if you lose you’re healer…

Have you heard of TUber?

You could help. Be a hero and roll a tank!


Yeah damage dont mean doo doo when your laying floor pov

M0s are nothing to base anything by either people been gear blasting since day 1 probably full 360+ gear when running m0s to pull like this as well

Bliz is making the SAME EXACT mistake they made after WoD, where they so totally nerfed tanks, that in some cases, abilities from other talent trees had to be given to those tanks JUST to make them viable in CASUAL content (Ei: Icebound Fort being given to BDK for Cenarius).

Atm there is a shortage of tanks in casual content due to the fact that they are just NOT impactful. Why is this the case? Because the entire focus of these clowns at Blizzard is e-sports, and in Blizzard’s mind, tanks ruin the game because they take away from the burstiness (or the “excitement” as Ion has put it) of the game.

no, the tank shortage is (in my opinion) exactly what i had said before.
Evokers not getting a tank spec.
Tank players are going to reroll to Evoker and you will end up with fewer tanks and more dps and more healers and thus more groups missing just the tank. :wink:

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I was somewhat skeptical of this idea a few weeks ago, but at the same time understood it could be a possibility.
I have seen 2 of my fellow tank friends pick up evokers and not play a tank yet. They may very well go back to tank classes at some point, but right now I believe you are correct in your thinking.
Meanwhile my decision to main monk is feeling worse as they nerf Brew, which was already super squishy by comparison to other tanks. Luckily it’s still early and I can swap back to druid if this makes it more of a kite or die spec, or just go meta and play a warrior :rofl:
Kite or die is what made me lose interest in tanking during SL. Making weak tanks weaker while barely touching the top dog, by percentage increase of damage, is a bit confusing.

bright side is, this expansion is far more alt friendly. atm you are never more than a few days behind and a few rounds around the gear chain. work orders for base relevant gear is farmable

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For the content most players will do I think changes are OK.

I’m probably just gonna shoot for KSM with the boys and maybe do LFR each week for whatever raid loot it might give.

Yeah well here’s a short story.

Earlier after finishing my WQ’s and setting my fish nets.

I said I’ll go try touch my old monk that I’ve not played since BFA.

So I spend about an hour fixing it’s UI and skill bars cause some skill change and some are new.

Start studying talents and see what I remember, join monk discord and ask few questions.

It’s a Brew is a spec with a pot of buttons, like a lot compared other tanks.

So finally ready, I queue for dungeon. Party manages to make this the worse run possible under 4 minutes. I gave up on trying to tank because that’s how sad tanking is in WoW.

Shortage is not a matter of class or tuning. It’s a matter of this community being dogcrap to them.

Git gud.  

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I may have to debate the opposite, when I looked for a group the other day I saw the usual:

plethora of DPS 2-3 in each group LFM…and then half of that those groups had a tank. You know what there wasn’t a single one of? A healer. Not one.

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Between the nerfs and the way the community treats tanks, lack of meaningful content log in for raids log out WOD expansion Sorry to say i un subbed.

I don’t blame you. Wait until the forums are acry with: “Why aren’t there any tanks in general content?”

I’m going to be linking this thread.