Tank LF weekend guild (reroll)

Hey there every one, I am a veteran player looking for a casual weekend raiding guild. I currently raid tuesday - wednesday - thursday on my main in which I do mythic raiding. The only problem is with my current team I do not tank and I am wanting to get back into tanking so that is why I am looking for a weekend guild to have fun with.

Current mythic progression on my main is 5/9 M

I am very experienced having played since TBC and raided since Wrath, most of my raiding I have done as a tank with this expansion being the first time I haven’t tanked.

I don’t want to make this post super long, any questions you may have can be answered over bnet.

I don’t really intend on transferring any characters, I’d much prefer just to level something up so I can save myself some money lol, but I am a fast leveler.

Any ways if you are interested feel free to drop your info and ill get to you asap.

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Hey reck! My guild has a casual heroic only Friday night run starting at 830pst, and they need a tank! Let me know if you wanna talk, take care!!