Tank LF Raiding Guild

Hi I am a tank main looking for a raiding guild. At this stage preferably a guild that tends to reach mid mythic through the season.

Currently am a 475 Bear but as I do my weekly keys on my bear, I plan to gear up my other tanks quite quickly. I will happily main any of them but obviously I will have a soft spot for a couple. (my BDK & Bear :wink: )
My BDK & VDH will be my next ones to gear unless another class is wanted.

I do have Mythic experience from DF S1 with killing Mythic Broodkeeper and doing a handful of pulls on Raz. I did skip S2 due to IRL stuff at the time.

I am available any day of the week but I do prefer the earlier raid times. I am open to later nights for the right guild. I would love to stay on Frostmourne but again, it comes down to the right guild for me to transfer.

My aspirations are to eventually reach CE but I understand I need to gather more experience which Iā€™m willing to do.

Leave your contact info down below, cheers :stuck_out_tongue: