Tank LF a raiding guild

BDK main LF a raiding guild to push into mythic for season 4 and TWW and a new home.
Disc: Zeath

Hey there!

Were a new guild on Area 52, formerly . We achieved Vault / Aberrus CE this expansion. Unfortunately under different leadership in Amirdrassil, we fell just short of Mythic Fyrakk.

We are looking to rebuild for TWW under original leadership and was curious if you wanted to join in!

We were a two day guild but will be raiding three days in TWW.

Progression schedule will be:
Mon Wed Thurs 8-11PM EST.

Farm/fated schedule will be
Wed Thurs 8-11 PM EST.

Our first raid day will be June 5th. Let me know if those times work for you! I’d be happy to chat in voice or here! Let me know if you have some questions or want to interview with me!

Added you on discord, I’m tor on there!