Tank, Healer, (2) DPS LF Heroic Prog

Hey! Four returning players looking for some friends and a place to call home, all the while progressing through heroic raids.

Our little team consists of one balance druid, one BM hunter, one healer (currently rsham but plays any if need be) , and a protection warrior (myself).

We’re relatively open to days, but hoping to find a group that starts between 7-9 EST.

Hope to hear from someone, thank you!

Sorry, didn’t realize I posted on an alt. This is my warrior.

Hi Maqt,

We are a small late night guild and we’re currently looking for likeminded people to add to our ranks. We are semi-casual and really enjoy the game and all its content; we believe in an inclusive and social community where people can hang their hats, challenge and learn from each other, experience content together, or just hang out. Our motto is “Be excellent to each other and be excellent at your class”.

We currently run a lot of Mythic Keystones, Warfronts, PVP, and such as we build up towards raiding (Many of us already have raiding experience). We also enjoy running seasonal content or even just leveling alts during timewalking.

The bulk of us are typically on every night between 10pm EST to about 4am EST with a few of us being scattered throughout the day.

If you’re interested, feel free to add me on Btag: [ Kibagama#1261 ] or on discord: [ Kibagama#7443 ].

Let’s connect, hang out and see if our cultures align; who knows, this may just be the guild that you’ve been looking for.

We could talk since if the fit is good can shift a tank around. Here is our info

< Scripted Encounters > on Area-52 [H] is currently recruiting for core raid positions with a focus on 8.3 and Shadowlands . We are a Mythic minded raiding guild with a strong officer core who share a common goal of pushing mythic content.

We’re currently 4/12 Heroic and aiming to clear heroic quickly to start mythic progression with a cutting edge goal before shadowlands.

We are looking for serious members to join out tight knit group of ragtag pals, Nightly Mythic+, Transmog runs and PVP are just some of the things we engage in-game together, not to mention other games like League of legends, Diablo, Overwatch and CS:GO, just to name a few.

Raid Times: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 8pm till 11pm est.

What we Bring:
Strong Leadership
A comfortable Mythic progression focused raid environment
Repairs (upon reaching raider rank)

What You Bring
Dedication to the raid team
Good attendance
Well researched on your class/fights
Able to take constructive criticism

Progression : (while current)
Uldir 5/8 Mythic
BoD 6/8 Mythic
EP 4/8 Mythic
NWC 4/12 Heroic

We’re Looking to round out our roster in preparation for mythic, these are our current roster needs:

Warlocks - High
Balance Druids - High
Holy Paladin - High
Elemental Shaman with Resto off-spec - High
Rogue - Medium
Hunter - Medium


Get in contact with any of the officers below if you have any questions!

Edantis#1167 – or discord – HotClaw#7972
Sparkytiz#1491 - or discord - sparkytits#4769
Lunaspark#1158 - Or Discord- Ivaedra#2899