TANK - ex top 30 US raider lf raiding guild 2/10M

Hi as the title suggests I’m an ex-top 30 US raider in past expansions (WoD, Legion, didn’t play in bfa). I’m currently looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild raiding in the ranges of 2-3 days a week around 8pm EST-12pm EST. I possess a lot of past experience and knowledge about the game and I think I could be a good player for your progression guild.

I’m very active and on everyday but definitely for longer on some days more than others (I work a full time job). I enjoy raiding a lot and also m+ is something I’m looking to push hard this expansion!

I also play a disc priest currently 203 ilvl and wouldn’t mind raiding with that toon if it’s the right fit.

Please feel free to add me in game on bnet (hoax#1384) or discord (h0ax#5682) or even reply on here. I’m open to server transfer of course.