Tank and DPS looking for Shadowlands Heroic Guild

Hello Guys,

My buddy ( dps Warrior, tank offspec ) and I will be looking for a place to raid in Shadowlands. We both took extended breaks this expac after our raid group stopped playing. Were both good raiders and will also be doing mythic plus.

I am currently back just grinding rep and finishing storyline but will be ready to raid and mythic+ in Shadowlands. I have played since Classic Wow and tanked since BC. Mained a druid tank for most xpacs, a monk during Mist, and a DH since they launched. For the next raid I will likely give up some fun to be a more stable tank ( Paladin ) but will lvl my DH as my primary alt.

I think we are looking for something starting around 8-9 central time 1-2 times a week. My preference is to a smaller group capable of clearing Heroic lvl content while still relevant. I have been part of mythic progression in the past but I’ve come to prefer a smaller more flexible heroic lvl group.

My friend is currently on Kul Tiras but I am not. I will transfer toons closer to the xpac once alpha / beta info settles out and I become 100% on Paladin / DH. For reference I have played most classes to some extent as alts but am most comfortable with Veng DH, Prot Paladin, Guardian Druid, Blood DK, BM Hunter, Ele Shaman

Give me a shout if we might be a fit for your group with a little info on your team.Battle tag is shadow#11903 to reach me in game. I will be checking the forum periodically.