Tangled by ToF

I’ll make this quick as everyone is keen to play.

This toon was 60 before any DF stuff hit, chose a covenant and has the Chains of Domination, The Maw and Torghast in his quest log (barely started on either of those). My main has made all alts qualify for the ToF option at Roh-Tahl and they are all set.

Today I decided to go to Fatescriber in Oribos to switch this toon to ToF. Fatescriber has no option to start ToF for this toon. What am I missing or done wrong? TIA for your help. /moo

If you already chose a covenant on this toon then there’s nothing left that ToF can do for them. That’s really the only purpose of ToF anymore - to let level 60 toons jump straight to choosing a covenant without playing through the Shadowlands storyline.

Thank you, so I am stuck with the storyline quest line in my log until I decide to continue them or dump for the side quests for each zone? Gotchya. /salut