Taming the World Achievement

I want my safari hat.
I’m stuck at 39/40 master pet tamers.
I have all the taming achievements, and have the Taming Azeroth achievement.
I’ve read you have to do the tamers of the other faction to hit 40.
When I log in to my horde character I have the Taming Kalimdor achievement,
and when I log into my alliance char I have Taming Eastern Kingdom achievement.

Why am I stuck at 39/40???
Will I ever get to wear the safari hat? ;_;

What you might try …

Open Achievements (the “Y” shortcut key) and select “Pet Battles”, then search on “taming”. Go through all the achieves beginning with “taming” and see which tamers you’ve done and which you haven’t.

After the Classic Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms areas, which sounds like you’ve completed, all the rest of the trainers seem to be available to both factions, so see if there’s one of those that neither your Horde or Alliance toons have done.

Thanks for the reply!
I’ve checked those as well!
I have the achievements for Taming Outland, Cataclysm, Northrend and Pandaria.
I have all the Taming achievements you can get – but Taming the World is still at 39/40.

Hmmm, baffling. Got my Safari Hat 7 years ago, don’t remember any problems once I found out about needing alt from other faction to get that last trainer.

A suggestion from TCHAPIN on the Wowhead forums:

The bug (and all this confusion) is caused by the fact that the Taming Kalimdor achievement hides the two starting tamers from the opposing faction, and incorrectly shows the achievement as being completed, when it actually isn’t. You can verify this bug by logging into the Alliance side and looking at Taming Kalimdor. The first two tamers are listed as Julia Stevens and Old MacDonald. Switch to the Horde side, and the first two tamers are listed as Zunta and Dagra the Fierce.

So looking at achievements it’s possible for a faction to see they’ve completed Taming Kalimdor when, in fact, they haven’t. Might be worth double-checking those 4 trainers before opening a ticket.

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Check the topic below called:
Some Basic Questions about Achievements

I posted a link to Wowhead that discusses this. You’ll need to create a character on the other faction and do the first battle to get 40/40.

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I wonder, would the Pet Battles at the Fair count as Master Pet Tamers?
Idano, it’s been a long time, they might be on your list already.
I do remember finishing this up using this character, and flying into a Horde camp in the Needles to challenge (and beat) a Tauren Tamer,? Stronghoof.
She didn’t care that i was Alliance, and the other Tauren couldn’t object till the Pet Battle was over. I wonder if Farmer MacDonald would care if you are Horde?
If that were to fail, a high level trial character could quickly get the farmer and Snake girl out of the way. What the heck does a Tauren LOOK like, wearing a Safari hat? Good luck!

If anyone was wondering what the resolution was–
I submitted a ticket and it was a bug.
GM gave me the achievement as I had all the requirements for it.
Thanks for the help though!
I have my safari hat now! Yey~