Tameable Lesser Dragonkin Pets are still zzz

Still looking for the cooler lesser/ full dragonkins. Still asking for whelps and other dragons as friends serving in a pet role. Just not excited for frog, salamander with wings, or feathered beak dragon. Cloud serpents at least fit the dragon theme very well. :confused:


The Feathered Dragons looks nice. However at this point and beyond the esthetics i would be more interested to see a pet with a talent tree we can customize and inherent pet racials that can bring more useful stuff to hunters. Im dreaming big for DF… i know.


Know what? Add mawsworn drakes in there too.


And netherwing drakes too


Playing hunter in WotLK classic just feels amazing compared to retail hunter. A big part of it (despite of quite simple rotation and fewer abilities) are that pets actually matter and you can customize your pet. Is the old system perfect? Far from. But compared to the live system it’s not even comparable.

Hunter pets in retail are so boring and lackluster they might as well not exist. Their single only purpose is to act as a dot with taunt. We can’t even pick which aesthetic we want our taunting dot to have.

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