Talk To Me

I’ve recently created “Talk To Me!”

It’s a Community in which those who feel like they’re questing alone, can join, and have a safe-haven for random banter.

It’s cross-faction.

So far, it’s just me–but I’m hoping to attract others who simply love to talk while they play!

I may not be online all the time due to work and health issues–but I’d love to say hello to anybody who may be interested in joining!

Only have one rule, and that is to! of course, be friendly and respectful of one another.

I am a super casual player who hardly ever participated in PvP, or Normal Raiding, or anything above Mythic 0-3.

I just want to have fun in my time in Azeroth, and want others to do the same!

Every class, every spec, every play style is accepted and enjoyed!

Please whisper Vylken (me) on Stormrage if you’re interested!

Thanks and have a wonderful day! :smiley:

I know that Community name from somewhere…oh yeah!

Talk To Me
by Joni Mitchell

“We could talk about Martha
We could talk about landscapes
I’m not above gossip
But I’ll sit on a secret where honor is at stake
Or we could talk about power
About Jesus and H…r and Howard Hughes
Or Charlie Chaplin’s movies
Or Bergman’s Nordic blues
Please just talk to me
Any old theme you choose
Just come and talk to me
Mr. Mystery talk to me”

Great choice! And, a great song too!