<Talk Nerdy To Me>-Stormrage Mythic focused raid team 11:50 to 3AM Est

We are a late night guild looking to clear cutting edge with Team Scissors. We use discord as our main way of communication.

If you are easily offended or uptight this is not the group for you. There is a lot of adult and dark humor. However, with that being said we have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination of any type.

Team Scissors Mythic focused Raiding Group: Friday @ 11:55p - 3:00a EST Saturday @ 11:55p - 3:00a EST

For Team Scissors: ++With our very limited raiding hours, we require the following for our team++ • Attendance of at least 90%. • Reasonable knowledge of your class and all the boss fights. • Keeping up on your character progression. • Mythic plus dungeons to achieve the best reward from your cache. This also means having multiple choices in your box each week. • The ability and willingness to play your offspec is always a plus.

For any social members: • We allow anybody to join, so just /who Talk Nerdy To Me and message one of our players or apply to our guild in-game. • If you wish to join the alt/social raid, you have to meet a low minimum item level to join. Discord is required for this run.

Application: http://tinyurl.com/4wh8dn4b

Thanks for checking us out!

Contacts, Aakwa - GM - (Bnet: Chantell#11498). Davinatrix - Raid Leader - (Bnet: DirtyDave#1136)

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Over 5 years! on stormrage. Long standing guild looking to work it’s way back to CE raiding.

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Hey team =)

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I joined Talk Nerdy To Me during BFA and found the team easy to get along with. Took a long break due to real life events and rejoined at the end of Season 1 of Dragonfight. The team welcomed me back and watched me struggle bus as I learned how to heal as Holy Paladin.

Most other teams would have given me the boot after seeing me heal; however, the leadership at Talk Nerdy To Me helped smooth out my healing issues. I earned a spot on the healing team and enjoy raid nights.

Wiggle Wiggle :slight_smile:

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Just a few more raiders and we can get back into Mythic =) .

Looking forward to Raid this Friday. Thanks for all the key runs this week, my vault is stacked!

LETS GOOO LFM. Dps and Heals

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Up, up and away!

Need some heals and DPS, feel free to reach out and have a chill time!

LFM lets go!

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just apply now!

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