Take away Power Infusion as a mandatory buff

The rework, if you can call it that, did very little to address demos peaks. It’s a combination of factors this season with 2 very powerful trinkets, tier set and pi. It will be reduced next tier naturally when all of those go away except pi and perhaps gwd and Immutable Hatred see play again.


They didn’t reduce the peaks by any significant amount of demo on ptr. What are you saying.

The peak reduction will only come from the tier set and double trinkets going away. They did nothing to address Tyrant or pit lord burst in rework.

i was afraid of this, you cant read. I said that its the goal, NOT that they have achieve it yet. What i said was absolutely correct and directly out of blizzard’s mouth for what they want to do with the rework.(side note, fairly sure it isnt done yet),

Oh sure. I’m sure there will be more sweeping changes these next couple weeks to actually align their changes with their stated goal. Maybe you need to actually read the changes before believing everything they say.

Edit: if they actually do take actions that align with their goal, I take it all back.

its not really about believing them or not but rather just parroting what they said essentially. So for example if this thread was instead titled/positioned to “the current changes do not address problems like PI” or something similar than i would of likely just upvoted and moved on but its important when you want to make an argument that its on a good premise of knowing that at least their goal(rather achieved or not) is to fix their peaks and valleys(which is why PI is so mandatory on them to begin with).

We’re working to reduce the peaks and valleys of Demonology’s throughput by depowering Call Dreadstalkers.

The issue is that their stated goal was specifically to remove power from Dreadtalkers, not to address the part of the spec that cause those peaks and valleys. Dreadstalkers have a very minimal contribution to peaks and valleys of Demo. Taking this dev statement and trying to deduce anything from it is meaningless, as the statement itself is illogical when analyzing demo’s damage profile. When you actually look at the changes, they are simply depowering dreadstalkers and putting that power into other parts of the spec.


The likelihood of Blizzard removing another class’s external buff because it effects like 4 specs more than others isn’t going to happen. What they need to do is balance demo and a few other specs burst windows to not be as effected by haste. How they do this is up to them, but having Nether Portal get the crazy amount of value from this external will always be a thing in its current form. There will be on use trinkets and tier sets next season that while they may not grant as much to NP still will, so I really do think that NP itself needs a massive rework.


Okay i see you a hard headed one

Post the entire statement first of all second. imma break it down for you like you are five.

“We’re working to reduce the peaks and valleys of Demonology’s” = their goal

“by depowering Call Dreadstalkers. This will allow us to compensate by increasing the throughput of Demonology’s other rotational spells” = their solution.

The first thing which is their goal is a good thing

The second thing is their solution which is the bad thing.

Again breaking it down like your five. Their goal is to reduce peaks and valleys of demo and their solution was to nerf dreadstalkers and put power in other places.

Ok thanks for confirming the dev goal doesn’t align with their solution. Nerfing Dreadstalkers does nothing in regards to our peaks and valleys

Having one less dog to be empowered by tyrant, and the current 4 pc, every 1.5 min and that dog is no longer adding value to RoT tyrant. It’s not much, but does effect peak damage.


Fair enough. But the dogs got buffed by 25%. I understand your point but they didn’t hit the mark of reducing our peaks by any significant amount.

Me either honestly and all it did was reduce interactions with dreadbite which is 3 other talents minimum. Cleave damage was lowered all to really address the extra core proc I feel.

They could easily make PI a group buff like WfF and nerf it a bit to compensate and it would solve most of the issue.

I’m all for making it a group buff as long as it’s something other than haste. Another group/raid buff of haste is just bloodlust really at that point. The haste interaction with the few specs that just WAY over value haste is the issue.

Another group or raid buff that gave other than haste would be nice to see, though it honestly would just get stacked with haste as haste effects so much.

They should change portal from being a cooldown to being a passive buff that summons a random demon every x amount of soul shards we spend. Then pit lord itself should be the cooldown but it should perhaps be a replacement to tyrant that is based on the number of demons we summoned(get rid of reign of tyranny and get something else there.)

Honestly we need to have more versatilely in the demons we summon, as a summoner spec its terrible that we have less options than the other specs let alone other classes.

I kinda like PI being targeted and lacking the heroism debuff which allows me to use it more often. Otherwise I agree another group wide, non-haste, buff would be nice. But I can’t think of an alternative.

Wait until Augment Evoker becomes a thing…good luck to Blizz to ever balance anything ever again

Please god no. Well forseable future nerfs to specs due to a group buff.

not really,it would create new problems like creating degenerate gameplay with multiple Priests rotating PI making it even better overall. The only problem it would “solve” is make you feel less bad about not being picked for PI but thats a personal problem and not the central problem of PI.