Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with The Anniversary Pack

$216 AUD, brutal lol

shut up and take my money

(here comes the hate in 3…2…1…)

Ehh I feel like this is an expansion that will allow more breathing room to not be sequestered in the newest zones. We’ll get life out of regular flying mounts.

That was my first thought when I saw this. :smile: We already had a pack a short time ago for dragons and considering that the birthday event already started almost two weeks ago and the China announcement came in today, the timing of this is quite… odd.
In my mind it’s quite obvious what’s happening here and I even called it when the news with NetEase came in. That the news will lead to WoW seeing much more monetization in the upcoming months and years.

o look “the ravenous Gilded Ravasaur (for Horde characters)” it should be for both factions idc it costs real $$$$$$$$

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But would you say your first mate name wrong :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

$80 dollars??!!? wow, there’s just no way. Have you looked at the economy lately?


You’re talking about the company that charges 30 bucks for race changes or server transfers. A script they had to program one time so literally its like the cost of a soda for 3.99 versus the cost to make it of 15 cents.

10 dollars for a name change?? It’s highway robbery. Takes their script about 10 seconds to complete it

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EDIT: Nvm. Just realized I don’t have the Quilen either, even though I’m 99% sure I bought it with the pet. Lol.

Blizzard is milking every last bit of their game before Microsoft take over.

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I think you missed the point… but all good.

“In order to celebrate 18th anniversary, you should buy our $80 discounted pack” really?

This is turning into that dead pixel tv series… you about to report next expansion how WoW will be mobile now lol

Nah, I’ll revel in the fact that I have them and you simply don’t, instead. I paid with my sub and my time- ya snooze, ya lose.

No hate…just good ol “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

Bought it. Only because it was under $10. Apparently I was only missing the lizard mount thing.

It’s based on how many you own. Like it said for me over $200 Canadian, but since I owned everything except 1 mount it was under $10

I’m sure all the people who bought feldrake tcg cards thought that way too. Lollll don’t worry son, your time to complain and cry on forums is coming. The latest trends show nothing is safe now. Enjoy it while you can

I think its $80 for me

How about stop treating us like we are stupid and give it to us free like you use to do. Every anniversary you have us a free mount or a pet. Only a few mounts for $80.00 is not worth it…. Not even worth $10.00’s. I’m paid for wow classic, wow classic WOTLK and dragonflight, I think we deserve to be treated better and with respect!!!.

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