Tahkwitz bug with rogue's Killing Spree - perma-stun

Another bugged interaction between Outlaw rogue’s Killing Spree ability and boss ability that takes control of your character.

Fighting Tahkwitz in Zereth Mortis - I was in the middle of Killing Spree when Tahkwitz used his Clutch ability on me. Normally you’re stunned, and the boss picks you up and flies up only to drop you a few seconds later. He stunned me but didn’t pick me up, I stayed on the ground. The boss did his fly up and come down move, but I never came out of the stun. I was hoping that I’d get un-stunned when he used his ability on someone else but no such luck. Just had to wait for other people to kill him, and then log out and back in to free my character.

The stun can actually be clicked off once the weird buff/debuff behavior that occurs when Tawkwitz clutches you is completed, since for some reason it is actually classified as a buff and not a debuff. Not that it helps you now, but on the off-chance it happens to you again it’s something to look for. (Clicking off the buff is how I solo’d him a lot before flying was available since it let me avoid the fall damage.)

Interesting - didn’t know that, thanks, I’ll definitely keep it in mind!