T3 Warlock 4 piece bonus bugged

so i got the Plagueheart 4 piece set last night and it appears the 12% corruption bonus is not working.

Corruption was doing 280 per tick prior the 4 piece bonus and with the new piece im only doing 282 per tick (there is a net 10 dmg increase over the 2.5 chest piece i replaced) I would expect to see a ~10 dmg increase if the bonus is for base dmg and ~25 dmg increase if it includes spell power.

is anyone else able to confirm this interaction? Is this the intended behavior?


Looks so, according to multiple warlocks I know. They have already complained to Blizzard via tickets but got response that “it is working as expected”. LMAO.

I can confirm this as well, I just tried it out with multiple gear sets, the 4 set bonus does not affect corruptions damage at all.

This seems to be like it might be one of those things similar to the shaman ranged attack power totem bug from a while ago. It was ‘working’ as it did in vanilla wow, but it was probably a bug that no one noticed until much later because it took guilds so long to clear nax. My guess is the version of the wow classic client we are on does not have the fix for this bug as it was likely fixed later. If this is the case they should go ahead and fix it because they did the same with that shaman totem bug as even though it was fixed later, it was clearly intended to do something which it did not.

To summarize what I tried:

I Tested this with about 550, 600, and 630 spell power. At 600ish spell power, the corruption ticks for 238-239 per tick. I was using the following T3 pieces:

Bracers (9 stam enchant)
Legs (ZG enchant)
Boots (movement speed enchant)
Robe (hp enchant)

See the corruption ticks for 238-239 with 600ish spell power (I think it was 603) Remove the T3 leg and replace with some other gear that gives equivalent spell power. This loses the 4 piece bonus but maintains the 600ish spell power. Cast corruption again on a new mob, see that the ticks are still exactly for 238-239. It did not change the ticks at all.

So the conclusion is that the 4 piece T3 bonus for 12% increased corruption damage does not work at all. Also, this is using the latest corruption rank (Corruption rank 7).

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Thanks for the reports about this! We have a hotfix for this issue that we working on now and it should be on live Classic servers soon.