T20 recolors Not cool at all

Unless you’re a hunter. :nauseated_face:


U meant recolor of recolor


Pally set looks to be good for an alliance BG themed mog!


I am looking forward to giving a try, I suspect it will be easier this time around, but it will still be fun to give a go.

been better if it was just something totally new that looked good. i dont need recolors of something i already have like 6 of.

It’s T20, not T6.
Well, T20 is just a hecka cooler version of T6 sure.

But some sets are quite cool. Seen the druid set lmao? Total trashbag.

I don’t think they’re gonna drop entirely new transmog sets for timewalking content, dudes.

Though personally I think recolors of the class hall sets would’ve been better.

I love the hunter one, but I feel I’m not in the majority on that haha.


They are hella busy with new expac development, and 9.2 stuff.
Recolors are typical of stuff they are doing only 'cause they weighed time vs reward of their own and saw what they can do. The recolour being part of TW possibly at that.

For hunters they should have done the Antorus set instead. The Tomb of Sargeras set is hideous.

I’m almost certain that these are the rewards for the Timewalking Mage Tower.

So… yeah…



Also I think I must be the only warlock that hates that set. I much prefer the antorus set.

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I can get why folks don’t like it. It looks downright goofy on twiggy female belves for example.

I just miss my wings from MoP so this set lets me at least pretend lol

Fair… I guess my point is that a red recolor already exists just without the mythic embellishments. It’s also Horde only too.

This new set looks more black from the photo I’m looking at. Sure there’s red but it’s more an accent than the main color

Fair… I’m afflock, give me purple all day long :wink:

I’m a greedy warlock. I want all the spooky colors XD

I wish the DK set actually looked good. No recolor can fix that sadly


Well for a timewalking vendor reward. It is a nice added perk. I wonder why they chose the Tomb of Sargeras tier armor… I would’ve went with Antorus the Burning Throne. Or Nighthold Tier sets. That is just a nitpick.(Like a set that actually originated from that expansion) I can understand why some people might be disappointed still it’s for timewalking from my understanding so… it’s not a bad thing. Hoping for some more original stuff when new raid comes out… whenever that is. I really enjoyed some of the other armor I seen posted on wowhead. She did a pretty nice job. (I like the shield the most) I am unsure if any of this stuff is actually being implemented tho.

We’re never going to stop paying for whatever backwards decision led to Gronnstalker being the Black Temple set and Demon Stalker being the Gruul’s Lair/Karazhan set instead of the other way around.

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