Sylvanas redemption

Any sylvanas fans support her redemption arc and also having her donning her elven armor once more?


I’m biased but I think this will happen at some point.

I think she’ll be reintroduced as a non-corrupted version of herself and act a counterpoint or counterbalance to the Light Zealots if they ever show up.

sylvanas did nothing wrong as a leader. when she was in the shadowlands thats when she did bad things. as she was not a leader and had no rights or authority to do what she did.

I believe in her redemption but not for her to go back which she really can’t .She is still a banshee.

she and illidan are some of the pre wow characters that we had in warcraft 3 which people love

She did get her good half back.

id argue the good half is the evil half being in the jailers keeping longer.

That only means she is in control of herself ,but what if, she loses it again?

The blue eyes. That means good. High elven eyes.

She’s always been in control of herself. I think the intent wasn’t even necessarily having a good half and an evil half, but a traumatized, soul shattered half that went on with a warped or skewed view of the world that gradually worsened over a period of time in which the “good” half is really just a past version of herself looking back (or in this case, forward) to the person she would later become.

I think it was represented in the game very clunkily, but with a tiny bit of imagination i can fill in the gaps and make my own headcannon that works.


the blue eyes are her original eye color doesnt mean good or bad. also this is setiosiris undead alt ill be posting on this from now on.

Honestly as a Sylvanas fan, I would have preferred it if they killed her off since I consider that more of a mercy to the character after she got thrown through their weird story grinder that was BFA and SL.

If anything, I would have preferred Nathanos get the redemption arc after realizing that Sylvanas is just off the hinges.


the moment sylvanas became a villain is when she stopped being warchief.


There is a part of the soul that merges both good and evil intent, and is spirit (something that isn’t mention in the game) it is spirit that holds both in neutrality ,it at anytime can be convinced to either side or both. She is in control of both now because the spirit is active if not she can slip right back . What makes this possible is the effect of Azeroth herself, she’ll be home soon and that will effect her stronger than before.

In away,you are right,it would’ve been better if she was killed off, but this is warcraft and we love villains and need heroes,we can’t have that.nope.

If this happens anywhere near before like Warcraft 5 or 6 comes out, the Blizzard writing team are just proving how bad they are.

There’s no way in hell Sylvanas will save every single soul from the Maw in a few years.

I can’t fathom how you’d begin to “redeem” yourself after everything Sylvanas has done. “Hey guys, sorry about the multiple genocides, I feel really bad about it, friends?”

Pretty much. There’s the half of her that went and did horrible things, and the half of her that could have done those things, but didn’t (yet?). That’s the realization she needed to be able to awaken; she was stuck specifically because she thought of the two parts of herself as “the good half” and “the evil half” when they weren’t. They were just the half that had snapped and the one that hadn’t.

She should’ve died in SoD.
Made me so mad that I quit until 9.2 released.

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Funny enough is how they attempted to convince us Sylvanas wasn’t a villain in BfA.

…not that I hate Sylvanas as I would adore more interactions with the Windrunner family but Before the Storm began extreme actions.

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sylvanas was warchief so her actions were justified by the forsakens morality and even doomhammers horde it was doomhammer who allowed necromancy in the 2nd war with beings like teron gorefiend.