Sylvanas' punishment is also a punishment for her victims

Obviously this was inspired by the other thread but I think this deserves one on its own.

Like why exactly is Sylvanas the only one going into the Maw right now to free these Souls? Why did no one else decide “hey maybe we, the Covenants/heroes should all go and free all these tortured souls and speed thing along”?

Instead these souls are effectively being tortured/have to wait for however long it will take for Sylvanas to free them. So as much as this was suppose to be a punishment for Sylvanas, the ruling will cause just as much suffering to her victims, and worse, if Sylvanas does not free these souls in time certain souls might just end up destroyed/turned into monsters.


How does she know which souls to save?

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I mean, you assume they aren’t. It would be somewhat silly for everyone to sit around and watch Sylvanas salvage the souls of countless worlds while the Maw is potentially destroying them as we speak.


Night elves

She’s supposed to save every last one of them.


Is that even possible though? And the Maw, is that including the endless tower of Torghast or just the areas surrounding the tower?

If I remember right, it’s the entire maw. She’s not allowed to leave until she’s the very last soul there.


That makes sense I suppose. Gives blizz a reason to keep her on ice for a few years until they need her again in an emergency

Well, I wouldn’t say that the indifference of almost everyone else is their punishment. I mean, having Sylvanas free souls didn’t slow down their release. It was the lack in others.

But in the end, nobody seems to really care. I mean, we have a quest where go in the Toughest and free some souls we want back, and literally just leave the rest to rot.

Except that what we saw. We dont see the entire forces of the Shadowlands going to the Maw. Just Sylvanas.

And yes, that is the point. The judgement was another failing of SL storytelling if anyone bothered to give it a few minutes of thought.


I wondered about that. Apparently evil people all get freed too, or maybe they all go back to the arbiter.

Everyone gets free. The declaration was no one deserved the Maw. Presumably they will all go back to Pelagos and maybe end up Revendreth.

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I like to think it’ll receive a revision if we ever revisit the Maw to not be so stupid. It’s just plain dumb to leave Sylvanas to do the job solely as atonement when time is of the essence for many souls that are being destroyed there. Unless you’re meant to assume that the Jailer’s forces have been destroyed and the souls are largely just sitting there now.

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I think that’s why Sylvanas was sent in alone. With Zooval and his forces defeated, there should be nothing left in the Maw but the souls just doing whatever souls do in the Maw when they aren’t being tortured.

I could be wrong, but I suspect with Zooval no longer being able to use his domination magic to control his army, the suite of armor we fought in Maw most likely went inert again.

Honestly its depends entirely on whether they have wi-fi or board games over there

Clearly the minions of the Jailer are still there. You can hear Sylvanas shoot arrows/see the bodies with arrows.

and even if all the Jailer’s minions were gone, why should we let these souls wander the Maw? Even merely being in the Maw seems to be torture to souls as shown when we do the initial questing experience.


Yeah, your murderer becoming your saviour is kinda f’d up.

Tyrande should’ve executed her, she passed judgement to spare, I blame her.


Shadowlands bad, no good at all, stinky poop


I think the OP is making some assumptions.

As others have said, we do not know that Sylvanas is the only one in the Maw. There could be others in there trying to save souls, who are either working for the covenants or doing their own thing. We do not exactly know the status of the Maw.

Is it a hell scape filled with aimless minions and monsters, with warlords marshaling small fiefdoms? Is it an inert waste land now the Jailer’s power has been stopped? Is it something in between? The Covenants did have assaults into the Maw. Who is to say those excursions have come to an end?

But if Sylvanas is the only one - well, if she was not doing it, then no one would be. So the souls would either be waiting for her, or sitting around for eternity anyway.


Sad fact is Sylvanas is the only one that really cares.

No. Yes.

You guessed it. Nobody deserves the Maw.


Er hey what? We left Illidan with his old buddy Sargeras, and are now leaving Sylvanas in the company of the super scourge. What could go wrong?

That is a good point, but I think most covenants would probably retire at this point and leave it up to the Maldraxi. It does kinda seem like their job.