Sylvanas Book New Date, 9.1 implications

So the Sylvanas book is now listed as coming out on 2/22/22. Which makas me wonder if Sylvanas is in fact leaving 9.1 alive or if the 9.1 delay is longer than I expected… Like say coming at the end of the year in November.




Seems like their really going to drag out SL into 2022.

My motivation to play is running on fumes right now. I just want to get this over so I can wash my hands of all this for good.


I hope they release it at 22:22


We are def getting 9.2 February since 9.1 was meant to tie in with Grimoire and thus 9.2 with Sylvanas book.

Which is another 8 months of a single patch

This is insane.


Of course she is, how is that even a question? I can’t believe people actually think that she won’t either escape her raid counter or be forgiven immediately.

And then the book comes to whitewash all of her actions and to justify her being friendly all of a sudden in 9.2.

I didn’t see that. Thanks for letting me know.

Well hopefully there’s a 9.1.5 to add something in between like how the .5 patches in BFA added allied races and quest content with the war campaign.


The move does seem to indicate they think that Sylvanas will continue to be relevant to the story, at least in Shadowlands, long after 9.1 is released.


Could be before a 9.2.5 patch, setting up 9.3…

9.1 - “Death of Sylvanas” - July 2021

9.1.5 - Class Balance - October 2021

9.2 - X patch - Bringing in Bolvar, Calia, Arthas, Varian, The Light, Elune, etc… January 2022

9.2.5 - Class Balance / Slyvanas/Vereesa Redemption tied into any other characters listed above. - March 2022

9.3 - The Jailer - June/July 2022

9.3.5 - Prepatch - Nov 2022 - Blizzcon

10.0 - New Expansion - Nov/December 2022

Maybe? Won’t hold my breath but it def feels like we’re getting a longer xpac

Or I hope so

My hope is Blizzard is dragging out patches in the hopes that the wait between SL and the next expansion will be less. Those stretches are usually alot longer and spreading out the downtime between patches would probably be good overall.

I don’t think it’s intentional, I think the 2 month delay was simply due to Covid and all teams adjusting to working from home.

Now, I’d assume they’d either have adjusted pretty well, or are returning to the office soon.

Looking back at Legion and BfA, most major patches have had 6 month intervals in releases.

A July release puts 9.2 back on track for January, along with 9.3 in June/July, and 10.0 at the end of the year, just in time for a return to in person Blizzcon.


Alleria Redemption? Why a Alleria Redemption?

Didn’t mean her redemption, but her trying to redeem Slyvanas’ soul.

If Slyvanas’ soul had been split in two by Arthas (The Jailer), who else would care enough for her to go searching for it…

Maybe Vereesa, i mean, the Story was about her “dream”.

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You know what to do folks… the unsubscribe button has waited for ya.

Yeah, probably Vereesa, just typed Alliera by habit since Legion.

Let’s see how the end of Sylvanas turns out.

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2 Possibilities

  1. She escapes the raid and is later whitewashed and forgiven
  2. She is immediately forgiven

Actually maybe 3 possibilities:

  1. She dies and one minute later, gets resurrected by one of her Val’kyr and everyone forgives her. I find that one unlikely though because Sylvanas can never lose

I feel like you’d be a terrible roulette player.