Sylvanas and Calia/Voss

Sylvanas: From here on out, we shall be known as the Forsaken. We will find our own path in this world, and slaughter anyone who stands in our way.

Sylvanas’ declaration of independence and a twisted, anxious sort of hope versus,

Voss: We are all the same here, Calia.
Lilian: Seeking our place, despite everything we’ve lost.
Lilian: But it’s a long road, and we will need your help.
Calia: Then… let us find our place together.
Lilian: As Forsaken.

I love the parallel. It felt reminscent of the speech we got all those years ago. I am going to mkss Sylvanas but im very interested in this new Forsaken too.


Give Stratholme to the Forsaken, Calia to the Cathedral (living side) and Voss to the Undead side…

Good luck fighting the Argent Dawn/Ebon Blade. I doubt they will let you even near it.

The Argents would depart nicely if asked, and the KotEB already know to flee from the true masters of the grave.


I doubt it, especially considering the Agent said they wanted to make Stratholme their capital.

Masters of the grave??? HAHAHA! That is rich considering right now without Sylvanas and her Val’kyrs you guys can’t even make new forsaken!

They also said they’d make a big base in Scourgeholme. Yet to see it. They have Hearthglen and Tyr’s Hand, I’m sure they’d be willing to negotiate.

Bah youre right. If only we’d recently been introduced to the cosmic Mecca of Necromancy and had already gotten them to supply the Forsaken with pointers.

Oh wait


And yet it doesn’t seem like it meant they were willing to just give you the tools to resurrect new forsaken. I doubt they would particularly care about letting the undead run rampant in the world of the living. Especially considering that means less soldier for the Shadowlands.

Or not. Again, they have clearly decided they want the Western/most of the eastern Plaguelands to themselves. They seem interested in making their own kingdom.

Doubtful. They still have a universe to reap from. All that’ll mean is what souls that do invariably do wind up in Maldraxxus from the Forsaken are pretty much ready made Margraves. It’s a brilliant investment.

The Argent Dawn is a neutral faction that can and has made way for the Forsaken before.

The Forsaken claimed all of Andorhal right in front of them. Even re-plagued farmland. Argent didn’t do ish. Because they know better.

They’re sandwiched between two Horde capitols that subsidize their manpower and assist them with problems. Trust me, they’ll yield.

Or they will realize that the Heroes of Azeroth don’t need it/are already primed and ready to be part of the infinite armies. Hell, the Mawwalker certainly did not need to be dead to beat them.

More like they didn’t want to be part of the faction conflict. Andorhal did not belong to anyone and the faction conflict was between us. But I don’t see the Forsaken threatening to go any further/closer to Argent Territory.

Or they won’t. Especially if the Alliance decided to back them. The Argent are not pushovers and doubt they will yield to any bullying attempts from anyone. Living or not.

The Forsaken’s territory is this thing called Lordaeron. The Argent’s, being well mannered humans, are allowed. With Tirion gone the two most powerful Light wielders are undead. Who exactly are they going to look to? Turaylon - corrupted by the taint of the Twisting Nether? Or the Father of Paladins and/or his heir apparent, a sitting member of the Desolate Council?

And do what, exactly? Fail to occupy Tirisfal or retake Gilneas for another decade?


The argents(at least the human ones) are as much citizens of Lordearon as anyone else. You do realize Foel is a neutral forsaken and I doubt will particularly support aggression. Also, Turaylon is not corrupted by the Nether. There is no lore supporting anything you have said.

Last I check the Horde got kicked out of Darkshore and most of Ashenvale and now Arathi. The Horde has always been in a precarious place on EK, the very heartlands of the Alliance.

Yes, they’re allowed to stay because they behave.

In the same way Velen is.

He just spent a millenia in the astral plane of cosmic chaos and obeys his Cthulu infused wife- who has stated she’s one dead son away from going berserk- without question. Up to the point of holding mothers down as she mind violates them in front of their shrieking children.

Yeah sure he’s totally on the ball.

Last I checked the Alliance got kicked out’ve everything south of Thoradin’s Wall and their best bet at any reclamation is Calia asking ever so nicely if the rest of the Forsaken might pity the Wolfmen.

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Velen is NOT neutral and is commited to the Alliance. Faol, is not.

No, they are allowed because if the Forsaken decided to attack them they would get slaughtered. Holy ground and all that jazz.

None of this is even correct lore but I don’t have time to deal with this now.

Except we were not kick out and as shown by the mission tables we were operating in Lordearon proper/we even took back Southshore.

Oh? What attack did he lead? All I can remember is him helping out the Belves and helping out every Priest in the Conclave. He makes Baine look like Garrosh.

They got BTFO’d by the Ebon Blade dorks. If they’d turned up to just wipe them out and not turn Tirion they would’ve won. Handily. And the Forsaken dwarf those theater kids.

Its a plot point from Shadow’s Rising lmao. Cope.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken, now and always.

Lmk when youve a Southshore reclamation quest.

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He sent his forces to help the Alliance in Darkshore. We see various draenei helping the war effort.

And the Ebon Blade got beaten in turn because they were in sacred ground.

It is not and just your head canon.

Blizzard has always been horrible with showing Alliance wins. Having said that this is canon lore out from the Eastenr Kingdoms book.

I just don’t like how they felt the need to replace a strong independant woman with a passive, obedient, people pleasing one, and the message that sends to female Horde players.

Well, I guess we still have Talanji :confused: until they villian bat her too for wanting to hold Jaina Proudmoore accountable for killing her people and the Alliance for killing her dad.

There’s a ongoing terrible narrative for women here which boils down to “don’t ever be angry, be forgiving instead.”


Also don’t EVER, under any circumstance, demand justice for crimes comitted against you or the people you care about.

It’s a terrible message to be sending


Thats literally what they did to Tyrande and Jaina for what Horde characters and players did to them but you are in favor of those story directions. :expressionless:

Well in her situation she does need to know her place. If she’d marched in and started barking orders at the Forsaken it would’ve been a disaster. She should be regarded with skepticism and borderline hostility by the Forsaken. And she should be aware of this and be agreeable and non confrontational as a result.

If I had a complaint about the Lordaeron quest it’d be the other two female council members don’t do much. Belmont and Faranel really steal the show. I love Faranel’s laugh so much I made a /play macro so I can hear it on demand. Belmont comes off like a genuine military leader, taciturn and putting aside his gripes to get the mission completed.

Voss does get some cool stuff to do but she feels like she brought her straight edge, extremely Christian cousin to a rave and is trying to convince her friends her cousin is cool once you get to know her.

And as for Velnora - I don’t know if I’m even spelling her name correctly. Because the most I can say about her is she’s certainly there.

You make it sound like that narrative was only for female characters when it was a pretty big defining trait for Varian AND Genn as well.

Also, the message is not “don’t be angry or be forgiving” the message is to move on and not keep this cycle of violence in perpetuity.