Sword Spec "Combat" Warrior

Came up with a Warrior Build that was similar, in a few ways, to how a Combat Sword Rogue works. Wanted something that would be ideal to use with Warglaives.

This is what I came up with:


The build incorporates talents like Deathwish and Sword Specialization in Arms. However, you lose out on the AP gains from talents like Improved Berserker Stance and Rampage. You also lose the gains from Fury’s Weapon Specialization talents.

If you’re able to achieve 9% Hit Rating through gems and gear, you can also forgo the “Precision” Talent and pick up Weapon Specialization instead:


In order to make the best out of Sword Specialization, Latro’s might be an ideal OH Weapon, along side a slow MH Weapon.

Overall I know the standard 17/43/00 build will be better overall, especially as you get better gear. But I thought this build might be nice to use alongside Warglaives or if you happen to be using a fast OH weapon.

Question… How “Good” is Bloodthirst over Heroic strike? what’s its advantage?

If HS > Bloodthirst, then… What if?


Honestly, if you’re giving up Imp Berserker Stance (+10% AP/-10% threat in zerker), then you should probably just give up BT as well and go Kebab spec with a slow MH sword and a fast OH sword (which fits Glaives).

Dual Wield MS is not actually that bad (currently sims a few % behind 2H, somewhere around 80-100 dps if slam is used optimally), and with Glaives, it might actually exceed 2H MS when we get to phase 3.

Basically, if you’re giving up Imp Zerker, then you should just give up a few points of Flurry/OH damage and take Blood Frenzy and Improved Disciplines, esp in a raid situation.

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Generally, HS is just a filler for when your rage is 60+, right?

HS changes next timed swing, Bloodthirst is an extra instant attack.

You want to use BT/WW on cooldown and keep up Heroic queued as long as you can (because your offhand gains your instant miss %; don’t know if there are people that use cancelling still, maybe) and it’s extra damage.

When you’re geared you can keep up HS much of the time, if not most of the time. Obviously it’s not like classic when you had world buffs making it trivial, but should have HS up a lot.

Also can queue when BT/WW are >3-4 sec cd even at low rage.

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Kebab spec is 35003301302010510321-0505000520501203 btw (33/28) for dual wield MS if you don’t enjoy Slam.

You can swap that point in Imp Intercept to 1 point in Mace spec if you’re using the BS Mace + Spiteblade or something like that.

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Can you link the talent build?

I linked it in the post above (the talents part of the link, dunno how to post links otherwise).


Kebab spec seems to work best with a slow mainhand/fast offhand for single target.

For multi-target you can use 2 slow weapons.

Best offhand atm seems to be Glad quickblade or Latro’s shifting sword. Mainhand would be Spiteblade.

Can use BS mace + Spiteblade or 2 Spiteblades for cleaves/multi-targeting.

I’ll be using that spec with Spiteblade/Latros and BS mace/Spiteblade for TK/SSC.

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https://youtu.be/qniWIBqWrxY - we’re actually using latro’s in a dual wield arms build right now. i’m sure there’s more ways to make it work as well. :slight_smile:


And yeah if you’re going a Fury build with Bloodthirst, you really have to choose either 17/44 (Rampage) or 21/40 (Death Wish).

Giving up the 5/5 Imp Berserker Stance is really not a good idea; you’re nerfing your DPS way too much given that Imp Zerker stance feeds BT directly.

The Dual Wield MS build is the only real alternative DW build that brings Blood Frenzy to a raid and gives you that aspect of the utility.

Most guilds are going to want 1 arms warrior (normal 2H spec or DW Kebab spec) if you got a lot of physical DPS as most have given the strength of hunters.

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for a fury version of swords: i’d probably run something similar to this:

3/3 hs 5/5 parry
3/5 iron will 3/3 imp tclap
1/1 anger management 3/3 dw
2/2 impale
1/1 dw 5/5 swords

5/5 cruelty
5/5 uw
5/5 commanding pres
5/5 dw spec 5/5 enrage
1/1 ss 2/2 wm
5/5 flurry
1/1 blood thirst
1/2 ww

you’ll get imp tclap (good for next phase progression), as well as ensuring you take 2/2 weapon master (which is more in line w expertise than hit).

your rotation would be bt > ww > hs 60+ rage and in execute phase you’d run bt > ww > execute.

good luck! :slight_smile:

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Nice! I didn’t realize there was a legitimate way to spec into Blood Frenzy and not have to be 2H Arms.

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