Swifty leaving faerlina

can we agree that horde players killed classic?


He sat in IF and took 1,000g in handouts on-stream the other day, talking about how he felt so much love… then he hops :rofl:


if only they stream like back in 2004

Alliance players are killing Faerlina because they are too busy sitting in cities trying to orbit Asmongold rather than actually playing the game. Maybe if you spent more time helping your guild, rather than posting on the forums, you guys would be competitive.

There are plenty of alliance players on Faerlina who are doing awesome in Phase 2, Alliance have secured multiple world bosses. The difference is those players actually put effort into the game so they get something more out of it.


I have characters on both sides.

Org has loads of campers, too.

The Asmo thing is severely overblown.

I think its a combo of alts taking a break from being camped until BGs plus raid logging.

As for swifty, getting sniped sucks. Good for him for getting wise.

You guys are all out of your minds. Wow classic showing your server as 60/40 Alliance favored. What are guys doing?


Blizzard killed classic, not horde players. I’d also blame alliance for sitting in IF all day having mount parades and orbiting asmon rather than actually playing the game.

Swifty is an embarrassment frankly. Took 1k gold then bounced onto a heavily alliance favored low pop server so he could gank. Huge, huge hypocrite.


It’s not all… but some of the streamers on this realm are really coming off as entitled little children… they get everything handed to them… gold, items, bags… they can get raid, pvp or dungeon help whenever they need it and don’t have a problem finding groups… yet they always find a reason to whine and throw a tantrum any time they face the slightest bit of adversity. I honestly think the streamers like that leaving isn’t a bad thing the realm might be healthier without that toxicity of them and their fans. The population might go down a bit but the people who really want to be here and play will remain and will have less time spent in que. I just hope they don’t carry that garbage over to other realms because in the end it will be the same result any time something doesn’t go their way. The “it hurts my stream” argument is so lame… I’d be far more entertained by someone having an organic game experience that faces and overcomes adversities like we all do every day than watch someone get carried and then handed gold and bis everything and then sit and cry until they transfer realms or quit for retail.


I can’t believe Big Shot PvP’er 1 shot macro swifty left faerlina. Guess he’s just another person that wants handouts and is ok with pvp discrepancies when they benefit him.


I think of it as Horde won Classic.


Classic? Dead? Seems pretty alive to me.

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lol you are funny …

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Was watching him get ganked and crying about getting “sniped” already on the server lmfao.


Good. Idk what these streamers are thinking when they begin to stream and don’t even consider the fact that there are people that are going to troll. Blows my mind.

Streamers killed faerlina, they came for the easy money and views, now that classic wow numbers are low in terms of viewership they are all leaving to chase more money somewhere else.


Faerlina is far from dead lmao

I don’t blame him tho if I had the time to play classic EVERY DAY and get paid for it last thing I’d wanna do is be in a 2 hour que every day

just sucks it was swifty and not the other one :expressionless:

I don’t fully agree with OP’s idea.

However, non-stop “harassment” will only stop people from enjoying the game. If horde has beaten Swifty and be done with it, I don’t think he will change realm. It’s his job and livelihood to be able to stream and bring content to his viewers. The way horde keep stopping him from being able to stream forces him to have no other choices.

PvP happened on a PvP server


This is only true if you’re Horde

I guess a lot can change in less than a month but morons eating their own words are eternal