<Sweet Victory> Since 2007 5/10M LFM

We raid Tue/Wed/Fri 9:15PM to 12AM EST
Tue/Wed Mythic Progression, Fri Heroic Farm night.

is a laid back non-toxic family style guild.

Currently high priority for Mage on mythic and other skilled ranged dps.
We also have room for a few up and coming raiders on the heroic team that wants to get started into mythic team in the future also.

Bnet tag is Mysticknight#1390

Still looking for a couple dps for the mythic team hit me up :slight_smile:

now 3/10 still looking for one range dps slot to be filled

Currently looking for a solid dps for the core team

Currently looking for a MW Monk and a disc priest

now 4/10
Looking for a few more dps
High priority on DK/Hunter/Boomkin/Mage
Also consider other skilled players

Looking for a few more raiders
Hig prioity on DK/Ret Pally/Hunter/Boomkin/Mage, Disc priest
also consider other skilled players for core team.
Also looking for active up and coming raiders that want to do some heroic Raid Sunday 7:00pm to 10pm EST

Looking to fill up one more spot before reset hit me up for a trial run

Currently 5/10M
Looking for Unholy DK for a core raid spot. Also Looking for other skilled range dps.

Currently high priority on Mage/Hunter and other skilled dps